Ron Santo RIP

Chicago Cubs icon Ron Santo passed away after slipping into a coma.  He was suffering from bladder cancer.  Mr. Santo had a second career as a Cubs announcer and number one Cub’s fan.  Former Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood once wrote, advocating for Santo’s induction into the Hall of Fame: “He’s the epitome of Chicago baseball. He’s still part of the team. He lives and dies with it. In fact, I think we’ve put him in the hospital a few times. He should get in just for that.” (Chicago Tribune)

“Build a big fire on home plate out of your Louisville Sluggers baseball bats,
And toss my coffin in
Let my ashes blow in a beautiful snow
From the prevailing 30 mile an hour southwest wind
When my last remains go flying over the left-field wall
Will bid the bleacher bums adieu
And I will come to my final resting place, out on Waveland Avenue…

Don’t Cry, we’ll meet by and by near the Heavenly Hall of Fame
He said, “I’ve got season’s tickets to watch the Angels now,
So its just what I’m going to do…” From a Dying Cub’s Fan’s Last Request, Steve Goodman


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“You ain’t dealing with no ordinary dummy. He’s a smart dummy,” Hardy said.

When I first saw the headline quote, I thought it was about Jody Weis or one of the aldermen.  The quote, by Arthur Hardy Jr., is about Bishop C.L. Sparks.  Hardy is the homeless man who circulated mayoral nominating petitions for James Meeks and Ron Halpin.  He was hired by the good reverend, who owns a company called Sparks Group LLC.

There is another company involved, described on their business card as  A-Team Political Campaign Unit, “circulators of petitions, canvassing and posterizing. Posterizing?  You can’t make this stuff up.

The notary claims her signature and notary seal were forged.  Challengers to the candidates claim many signatures on the petitions are fake.

None of this is new.  It goes on every election cycle.  People are paid to gather signatures.  Some do it legitimately, some do not.  Sometimes they slip through and sometimes they get caught.  It is perfectly legal- except for fake signatures and forgery.

What makes all this unique are Rahm Emanuel, James Meeks, and Ron Halpin.  Rahm Emanuel is the political rock star running for mayor.  Meeks is also running.  He is well known for his media appearances, especially when he discusses education.  Halpin is a real estate investor who is renting and living in Rahm’s house.

Halpin was convinced to pull a political stunt to run for mayor by a group of operatives.  Had they done it three weeks earlier it may have made sense.  But, they tried to get his signatures just days before the deadline.  Halpin got a million dollars worth of publicity and fifteen minutes of fame, which is dwindling fast.

Chicago elections are like this.  It’s the norm.  If rock star Rahm was not running, this would be just a blip on the media radar.  This election will be pure entertainment.  The media is geared up to elect the rock star mayor.

This election will be scrutined more closely than any other election in recent history.  Emanuel is running.  He has come to save the Machine from its past sins.  He has come to run Obama’s reelection from the fifth floor of city hall.  He is wanted, he is needed, he is expected.  It was predicted.

If Emanuel does not win, there will be municipal Armageddon.  The rapture will finally arrive in Chicago.  The city council will sleep with the fish.  Political pestilence and plague will engulf the city.  There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth.

This whole media blitz and  so called examination are giving Rahm Emanuel plenty of earned media.  This campaign will provide us with plenty of entertainment.

So, just sit back, relax, and enjoy the show.  Vaudeville has returned to Chicago.

Source:  Mark Brown Sun Times

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Jody Jody Jody

Retiring alderman Ed Smith is urging the next mayor to retain Jody Weis as Police Superintendent.  According to Smith, Weis has done a “great job“.  Smith claims the cops are just mad because Weis is forcing them to do their jobs.  He blames the rank and file for creating the bad morale.

What world is Smith living in?  The police were doing their jobs before Weis came along.  They were doing a damn fine job.  They are still doing their jobs.  They will be doing their jobs long after he is gone.  Call 911.  They will show up.  They will help you.  They will fight for you.  They will die for you.  What else does Smith expect?

Everyday police officers are out there doing their jobs in spite of Weis- not because of him.  They hate him.  They despise him.  They mock him and laugh at him.  But, they do their jobs.  The police do not do their jobs because Jody Weis demands it.  They do their jobs because they believe in the profession.  They do it out of love and passion.

Morale is poor because of policies implemented by Weis.  Weis never recognized most policies are guidelines with built in flexibility.  He demands obedience to the dotted i and crossed t.  Police work is flexible.  The policies are supposed to be flexible.  Policing is a profession requiring judgment, discretion, and discernment.  Sometimes the rules do not apply.

Policing is a human job, dealing with human beings and human nature.  Human nature has no hard and fast rules. Weis does not understand that.

Weis does not recognize policing, by its very nature, is an adversarial profession between the police and the public.  This has been true since the Roman Legions policed the empire.  It will always be true.  Nothing will ever change that.

Cops will always complain about the boss.  Everyone complains about their boss.  But, Weis has generated vitriolic hatred and mistrust against him by the troops.  This has led to disrespect, and worse, mockery.

In order to be an effective leader a person must be respected.  They do not have to be liked or loved.  They can even be despised.  But, they must be respected.  Respect must be earned not demanded.  Weis has done nothing to earn the respect of the rank and file police officers he is in charge of.

How can any intelligent person claim Weis should stay?  He has done more harm than good.  It will take years to undo the damage he has wrought.  There is a total lack of confidence in the leadership of the Chicago Police Department.

Jody Weis will leave the next Superintendent and the next leadership team in a very bad position.  They will be forced to prove they are fit to lead.  Weis destroyed institutional trust in the leadership of the Chicago Police Department.

Weis was a mistake.  It is time for the so called city leaders to man up and correct the mistake.  Before the election.

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Long before Mayor Richard M. Daley decided to retire, Rahm Emanuel was positioning himself as the next mayor of Chicago.  He was creating his own brand.  Rahm is no longer just a candidate.  Rahm is a brand.  A household name.  The dominant brand in the race.  He is forcing everyone else to try harder.

Rahm’s only real quality is positioning and branding, whether it is for others, such as the president, or himself.  He created the persona of a foul mouthed tough guy who looks like a skinny geek.  He demonstrated being utterly ruthless has its rewards.  He cared not about the consequences.  This is Rahm’s major flaw.  Being elected mayor may be his biggest mistake.

Rahm is discounting the political power vacuum Daley is leaving behind.  History will repeat itself.  The city council will be his real nemesis.  The council will once again emerge as a force to be reckoned with.  Just like Harold Washington’s first term in office.  Council wars will erupt.  It is all about power and control.  Once again, there is no strong party chairman to control the system.  Berrios, the Democratic Chairman is a puppet of Madigan and Daley.  He holds no power in his own right.  He has no control.  It was intended to be that way.  With Daley gone he will be lost.

Ed Burke is emerging as the sole political power in the city.  He has held enough quiet power for years, but now he is the face and the force to be reckoned with.  With Daley gone, he will bow to no one.  Rahm is the interloper.  If he does become mayor, he is going to have a very bumpy ride.  Burke and his allies do not care about popularity, especially Rahms.  Popularity is not power.  Rahm is popular.  Burke is powerful.  Burke also has allies and the ability to work with enemies for a common cause.  The common cause will be a strong city council and a weak mayor.  Rahm is positioning himself to be the whipping boy of the city council.

Rahm has the brand cachet and may be the front runner.  If he stays on the ballot he may win.  But, he is holding aces and eights against Burke’s royal flush.  Ed Burke has patiently waited a very long time to come into his own.  He will step aside for no one.

The result will be turmoil.  The only ones who will suffer are the people.  We will pay for this folly.  Just like we are paying for it now.

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“When a uniformed Chicago police officer is gunned down in the middle of the day while assisting a member of our community, it is time for everyone to take a really good look in the mirror,” Weis said. “How much more can we take?” Jody Weis

It is time for Jody Weis to take a good look in the mirror.  He probably does not own one.  He knows he will hate what he sees.  A pretender, poseur, and a  fraud.  How much more can we citizens take?

Weis was not hired to clean up the streets of Chicago or fight the gangs and drug dealers.  That requires a seasoned law enforcement professional.  A real cop.  Jody Weis was hired to put fear into the hearts of Chicago’s finest.  This required a heartless bureaucrat.  Weis succeeded.  Morale is non-existent, espirit de corps is gone, and the men and woman of the department are looking out for themselves instead of the community.  Rightfully so.  Self survival is the first priority of man.

Weis is not totally responsible for the spate of brazen violence which has taken the lives of six on and off duty police officers.  The mayor and aldermen shoulder the most blame.   Their hands off policy on the major street gangs and major drug dealers created a situation where the new root cause of crime is the ability to get away with it.

The politicians wanted to be so racially and ethnically sensitive.  They now have reaped what they’ve sown.  The gangs and drug cartels are now urban armies.  Our children, innocent bystanders, and our police officers are being killed in cold blood.  The problem is now too big to solve.

Since Daley is not running for mayor and has nothing to lose, he should unleash what is left of the department on the gangs and drug dealers.  Tough times call for tough measures and tougher people.  Daley should also order the Department to publicize the names and addresses of all the gang leaders and drug dealers, along with their pictures.

Make them all public enemies.  Ignore the small loud voices of the opposition; the politically correct and social activists who enable the criminals- even if some are aldermen.  Daley has a few months left.  He could leave a hero.  Create an environment of total intolerance for gangs and drug dealers.  Order the police to take the gloves off.  Back them up one hundred percent.  Policing is an executive function.  Daley is the executive.

Alas, that will not happen.  Daley, and other big city mayors, lost their courage when LA erupted with the Rodney King riots.  The riots were never about Rodney King.  The riots were the street gangs retaliating against LAPD for their harsh crackdowns on the drug trade.  Daley did not want that here.  Since then, he has backed off dramatically.  His only response to gangs and drugs has been harsh rhetoric.

Daley has nothing to lose now.  He could tell all the enablers to go to the devil.  All he has to do is give two orders, fire Weis if he does not resign, and, set the cops loose.  Put severe pressure on until the gang leadership and major drug cartels are dismantled.

Pigs will fly and hell will freeze over first.

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I received an email about a site which celebrates the killing of police officers and other terrorist acts.  The recent murder of Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk is celebrated on this site.  The site is shittycop.  You cannot make this stuff up.  I am not linking to it.  I do not want my site to drive traffic to this subhuman POS.  Google it yourself.

The site references something called the BFSN- Black Foot Soldiers Network– there is a separate site for that too..  It is supposedly a nationwide underground secret cabal of Blacks seeking retribution and justice through murder. (Done laughing yet?)  It espouses a combination of 60s Black radicalism, 60s Black Muslim philosophy, and of course the ubiquitous reparations.  Typical tin foil hat lunacy for Kool Aid drinkers.  The same person had other sites- Underprivileged America, Black Male Felon, etc.  All are gone or have been taken down.

shittycop celebrates and advocates the killing of police officers- referring to them as police regime terrorists and America as a racial terrorist system.  It also has a disclaimer which states the opposite- they do not advocate violence or hatred.  They get to have it both ways.  They coined the term ghettobraggingrights to describe the death and murder of cops.

This site is a hate and racist rant. It was taken off of Blogger for hate speech.  It was also taken off WordPress.  It currently uses a platform called baywords– which is an uncensored free speech blogging platform by Pirate Bay.  For some reason, it is ignored by people who follow and track hate sites.

The sole intention of this site is to provoke controversy and nothing more.  The site is pure a hoax.  A viral hoax.  Unfortunately, some writers and well known journalists were sucked into this scam about a year ago.  They wound up with egg on their faces.  There is no such thing as the Black Foot Soldiers Network( they do have a separate website though) or any other nationwide group.  It is one mook- Creaux Steele.  He probably lives in mommy’s basement wearing a GPS anklet.  Whoever it is, it has a talent for getting traffic on the net.

The site debases and dehumanizes the murder or deaths of police officers in graphic and hateful terms.  It is poorly written by and for lunatics.  In the Flisk posting there was one angry comment and a maniacal response from the site author, Creaux Steele.  There are also disgusting posts about the murder of Officer David Blake and the death of Officer Alan Haymaker.  There is a post on the arrest of the comic mamaluke, duped by the FBI, who wanted to blow up a Christmas tree in Oregon.  They love him too.  He is referred to as the Sexy Jihadist.

shittycop is nothing more than a racist blog by a very twisted individual.  Creaux Steele is a charlatan and a fraud.  A web scam artist with razor wire meshed in his brain.  Since it is on a free speech platform, taking it down will be next to impossible.

I did find an email for Steele-  I do not know if it is good.  I sent a test email and will update.

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Whiners and hypocrites

Veteran election lawyer, Bert Odleson, has filed a formal residency challenge against Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor of Chicago.

There are cries of foul from various quarters, including the thoroughly detestable Jan Schakowsky, who referred to the challenge as a frivolous legal tactic.  These complaints demonstrate nothing more than deep hypocrisy.

People file challenges to elections all the time.  It is part of the game.  Rahm, Obama, and other public figures have used the same tactics and “frivolous legal tricks” to drop contenders from the ballot.

All one has to do is look what was done to Scott Lee Cohen- who actually was on the ballot and won a primary- legally and constitutionally.  Over two hundred thousand voters had their votes nullified by the dark political shenanigans of corrupt Democrats Pat Quinn, Dick Durbin, and Mike Madigan.  Unlike people who sign a petition, the voters were entitled to have Mr. Cohen on the ballot, regardless of his sordid personal and business affairs.  Funny, Schakowsky was silent about Cohen and his rights to be on the ballot.  That is the way these despicable hypocrites act.

Rahm Emanuel’s residency has been an issue for months, since he considered a run for mayor.  The challenge and defense will be based on interpretation of the law.  This is how it should be.  Laws are subject to interpretation and legal opinions will be rendered.  There may even be a positive here.  Residency could legally be defined more clearly.

This is how it should be.  All the publicity being generated, the anger at the challengers being fomented, and the ridiculous whining by people who should know better are nothing but hot air.

The law allows for challenges.  Challenges are made.  This is the system.  Rahm knows this, the media knows this.  Jan Schakowsky should know this.  They are all players in the game.  Running for public office is a right and privilege.  As with all rights and privileges, there is an inherent responsibility- in this case to abide by the law, to tolerate and defend any and all legal challenges the law provides.

If Rahm stays on the ballot or is thrown off, so be it.  There can be no tears, wailing, or gnashing of teeth.  He is no better than anyone else under the law.

He just thinks he is.



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