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Code of silence

For the past several holiday seasons an anonymous person has been strewing gold coins in various Salvation Army kettles.  It has become a Christmas tradition in Chicago.  It is always publicized.  This generous person has never come forward.  This year … Continue reading

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Long before Mayor Richard M. Daley decided to retire, Rahm Emanuel was positioning himself as the next mayor of Chicago.  He was creating his own brand.  Rahm is no longer just a candidate.  Rahm is a brand.  A household name.  … Continue reading

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Whiners and hypocrites

Veteran election lawyer, Bert Odleson, has filed a formal residency challenge against Rahm Emanuel’s campaign for mayor of Chicago. There are cries of foul from various quarters, including the thoroughly detestable Jan Schakowsky, who referred to the challenge as a … Continue reading

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Wal-Mart versus corrupt Labor

Chicago Sun Times An impassioned Mayor Daley today portrayed Wal-Mart’s $1 billion Chicago expansion plan as a “bonanza” of revenue and jobs and demanded to know why organized labor slammed the door on the company’s offer of an $8.75-an-hour minimum … Continue reading

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The politics of prestidigitation

Finally.  Well, maybe.  Chicago’s South Side may get a Wal-Mart.  Better, Chicago may get many Wal-Marts creating 12,000 jobs and competition to higher priced stores.  It has taken years of corrupt struggle.  The unions have been negotiating and fighting for … Continue reading

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