I received an email about a site which celebrates the killing of police officers and other terrorist acts.  The recent murder of Chicago Police Officer Michael Flisk is celebrated on this site.  The site is shittycop.  You cannot make this stuff up.  I am not linking to it.  I do not want my site to drive traffic to this subhuman POS.  Google it yourself.

The site references something called the BFSN- Black Foot Soldiers Network– there is a separate site for that too..  It is supposedly a nationwide underground secret cabal of Blacks seeking retribution and justice through murder. (Done laughing yet?)  It espouses a combination of 60s Black radicalism, 60s Black Muslim philosophy, and of course the ubiquitous reparations.  Typical tin foil hat lunacy for Kool Aid drinkers.  The same person had other sites- Underprivileged America, Black Male Felon, etc.  All are gone or have been taken down.

shittycop celebrates and advocates the killing of police officers- referring to them as police regime terrorists and America as a racial terrorist system.  It also has a disclaimer which states the opposite- they do not advocate violence or hatred.  They get to have it both ways.  They coined the term ghettobraggingrights to describe the death and murder of cops.

This site is a hate and racist rant. It was taken off of Blogger for hate speech.  It was also taken off WordPress.  It currently uses a platform called baywords– which is an uncensored free speech blogging platform by Pirate Bay.  For some reason, it is ignored by people who follow and track hate sites.

The sole intention of this site is to provoke controversy and nothing more.  The site is pure a hoax.  A viral hoax.  Unfortunately, some writers and well known journalists were sucked into this scam about a year ago.  They wound up with egg on their faces.  There is no such thing as the Black Foot Soldiers Network( they do have a separate website though) or any other nationwide group.  It is one mook- Creaux Steele.  He probably lives in mommy’s basement wearing a GPS anklet.  Whoever it is, it has a talent for getting traffic on the net.

The site debases and dehumanizes the murder or deaths of police officers in graphic and hateful terms.  It is poorly written by and for lunatics.  In the Flisk posting there was one angry comment and a maniacal response from the site author, Creaux Steele.  There are also disgusting posts about the murder of Officer David Blake and the death of Officer Alan Haymaker.  There is a post on the arrest of the comic mamaluke, duped by the FBI, who wanted to blow up a Christmas tree in Oregon.  They love him too.  He is referred to as the Sexy Jihadist.

shittycop is nothing more than a racist blog by a very twisted individual.  Creaux Steele is a charlatan and a fraud.  A web scam artist with razor wire meshed in his brain.  Since it is on a free speech platform, taking it down will be next to impossible.

I did find an email for Steele-  I do not know if it is good.  I sent a test email and will update.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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