The hog with the big nuts

County Commissioner, and former Alderman, Bill Beavers is never one to mice words.  He once referred to himself as the hog with the big nuts.  He is a typical Chicago Machine politician.  Part of the problem, never part of the solution.  Beavers is also a staunch supporter of out going Board President Todd Stroger.   Beavers believes in the clout, patronage, and friends and family system of politics.  Stroger, like his father, does too.  Both built political organizations and armies built on clout.  Actually, Stroger inherited his.

Incoming President Toni Preckwinkle has been complaining to the media that Todd Stroger will not cooperate with her transition, unless she promises to keep all his friends and family hires.  Preckwinkle, being another Machine hack, wants to replace Stroger’s people with her own.  That is the Chicago Way.  Stroger should know this.  She won.  He lost.  He and all his people are has beens.  She and all her people are in.

Beavers should know this too.  He is part of the friends and family system.  His response to Preckwinkle- “Listen, shut up, and get over here and do some work.”  Someone has not told the big nut swine this is 2010.  One does not treat women like they are objects of slavery anymore.  It is politically incorrect, politically unpalatable; just plain antediluvian and feudal. 

Beavers then goes on a tear:

“If she’d quit playing politics and threatening everybody about how many people she’s gonna fire — she’s gonna get rid of this and  gonna get rid of that. And then she expects somebody to bend over backwards to help her? People are not crazy. They’re not going to help her if she’s going to fire them the next day.”

Beavers has a point.  Some of those people getting fired probably are his political chattel.  People he hired or had Stroger hire.  Then, there are all the political hires of alderman and other sundry politicians and committeemen.

Stroger, like the child he is, denies not cooperating.  He has been in denial since he took office.  He is also a great blamer.  All his problems are someone else’s fault- including the racist media.  Stroger is especially angry about Preckwinkle’s accusations made during the primary.  He never really understood politics.  He did not pay attention to his father.  Which is why he not only lost, but ran the worst government in the state.

Preckwinkle claims things are so bad she will have to fire most, if not all political appointees.  She will replace them with her own political appointees, friends, family, and people who are friends of friends and family.  Nothing will change but the names.  That is the Chicago Way.  The county government will still be full of hacks, dunderheads, marginal criminals, the incompetent, the lazy, and the inept. 

So, maybe Beavers is right.  Preckwinkle should shut up and get to work.  How else is she going to replace all of Stroger’s hacks with her own in a timely fashion?  Plus a few of Beaver’s too.  And Daley’s, and Gainer’s, and all the rest.



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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