Let the battle begin

A city that really works must have a leader,” Meeks said. “A leader who can’t take seeing the Chicago Public Schools blaming the unions and the unions blaming parents, and parent blaming teachers, and whites blaming African-Americans and African-Americans blaming Hispanics and the citizens blaming police. And the Democrats are blaming the Republicans. And small businesses are blaming big businesses. And the South Side is blaming the West Side. And the Cubs fans are blaming the White Sox fans. And the have-nots are blaming the haves … We need a leader who can bring everybody together.


James Meeks made it official.  He is in the race for mayor.  Big time.  Meeks does not have the stain of being a former Democratic alderman, county commissioner, or Daley appointee.  Meeks has been able line up support from Democrats, Republicans, corporate suits, and grassroots activists.  His cross appeal is based on his consistent and persistent fight for education reform and reforming how education is funded in Illinois.

“I decided to run for Mayor because I have the best story to tell Chicagoans about my record of improving life for children and parents in every neighborhood across this city. Regardless of who gets in or out of this race, I am running to be the next Mayor because I have the vision to move Chicago forward and the track record that proves I will deliver.”


Gery Chico is serious too.  He has some money, corporate support, and some popular support.  Chico has some good chops too.  He is experienced in urban planning policies, budgets, and working with people across the spectrum to get things done.  Chico also has the burning desire necessary to run a winning campaign.  Though he worked for Daley, he always avoided the stain of being a typical machine hack.  Chico is running as the neighborhood guy.  An important message in the city of neighborhoods.

Then there is the 800 pound gorilla.  Rahm Emanuel.  The guy to beat.  The one to stop- at all costs.  The deca-million dollar candidate.  The superstar.  The carpetbagger.  The ultimate political hack.  A product and creature of the Machine.  The man who would be king. 

Rahm will only do one thing if elected mayor.  Run Barack Obama’s reelection campaign from the Fifth Floor of City Hall.  That is his sole purpose in running for mayor.  Rahm is lining up the faithful- the Machine aldermen, the heavy weight corporate types, celebrities and well known people from his nationwide donors list.    

A few Southwest side politicos are not happy with Rahm as the machine choice.  They convinced Emanuel’s tenant- Ron Halpin- to jump in last week.  Probably to legitimize a residency challenge against Emanuel.  Their timing was way off.  They were way too late.  It looks just like what it is- a cheap silly political stunt.

All the rest- Danny Davis, Miguel Del Valle and Doc Walls are shills.  Put up jobs.  Political stuntmen.  Tools.  The Democratic Machine needs them to split the votes of various factions in the city so Rahm can win.   

Make no mistake.  The Machine wants Rahm to win.  Rahm will do anything the Machine wants- including wearing a blindfold.  They need each other.  Rahm needs to get Obama reelected and the machine needs to survive.  The cornucopia of conspicuous corruption and the felonocracy that is Chicago government will continue.  The antediluvian feudal machine system must go on. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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