The Chicago Way

Jim Laski is gone.  WGN finally did the honorable thing and fired him from his radio show.  Laski is the former  City Clerk.  He got caught taking a fifty thousand dollar bribe from pals in exchange for giving city trucking business to them.  He was convicted and went to prison.

For some dumb reason, he was hired as a talk show host at the venerable station.  There must be something about Chicago.  Corrupt political convicts get radio shows.  Convicted alderman Cliff Kelly has been on WVON for many years since his release from prison.  WLS followed the pattern when they gave Blago a show after his indictment and impeachment.

Jim Laski was hired by program director Rich Metheny, who was also fired.  Metheny was responsible for some controversial moves at the station.  Metheny, no stranger to controversy, was hired by former Tribune CEO, Randy Michaels.  Mr. Michaels, also no stranger to controversy, was fired over one- inappropriate Emails. 

WGN is a venerable part of Chicago and broadcast history.  Started in the 1920s, after the Tribune bought out its predecessor, WGN was known for its creativity, innovation, and many firsts in broadcasting. 

There must be something about Chicago’s criminal politicians.  They immediately get publicists, agents, and become celebrities.  Cliff Kelly, the smooth talk show host, Laski, the ankle biting Chiuaua, and Blago, the blithering idiot- since his conviction he is advertising nuts.  How fitting. 

There must be something about Chicago.  We, the public, the listeners, put up with this.  No protest, just apathetic amusement.  Maybe even some civic pride.  Just like we put up with and tolerate their corruption.  We keep electing them over and over again.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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