Blowing Smoke

So there I was.  Sitting on the porch, watching the leaves fall, reading a book, and the damn phone rings.  Some guy, who got my number from another guy, who got the number from some guy.  Not the guy you are thinking of, the other guy.  You don’t know that guy.  Neither do I.

Any way, he claims he represents some big money guys- no, not those guys- real money guys.  Legit business people.  Then he goes into the sales pitch.  Ron Halpin, Rahm Emanuel’s tenant, is being asked to run for mayor- and he is seriously thinking about it.  The legit big money guys will back him.

Never mind no one knows who Halpin is.  No one ever heard of him until he refused to move out of Rahm’s house- even when those guys- yeah, those guys- left a dead guppy on the porch.  Some pseudo Republican idiot from the 19th Ward and a few others went to his house Sunday and convinced him he could run.  Then the story went viral.  Now, the mook actually thinks he is a professional politician.  The goof is seeing himself redecorating the fifth floor of City Hall.

  Ron Halpin (Chicago Tribune photo / November 9, 2010)

 He thinks he is a cigar smoking Sarah Palin.  Fox, CNBC, and a host of others are calling.  Soon Keith Dolbermann will call him the Worst Person in the World and Rachel Madcow will make him a laughing stock.  Then, he will probably write a book- Blowing Smoke– go on a national tour, and become an instant political celebrity.

He is looking for help.  He only needs to get 2.5-3 times the 12,500 signatures- to survive a ballot challenge- by the 22nd.  So, someone gave a guy, who gave another guy, who gave this guy my number.  He could not understand why I was laughing at him.  He is a “serious” businessman.  I laughed harder.

No wonder the economy is going to hell.  They let guys like this in the business world.

You know, it is not bad enough we have 50 buffoons in the city council and a Malaprop clown as mayor.  It is not bad enough Democrat mountebanks, con men, harlequins, grifters, panhandlers, strumpets, and men and women careless of their reputations are running for mayor, city clerk, treasurer, and aldermen.

Now, a total unknown is being convinced he can walk on water.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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