Chicago for Rahm?

That is Rahm Emanuel’s campaign name.  Not Rahm for Chicago.  Rahm Emanuel is not running for mayor of Chicago.  Chicago is supposed to be running for Rahm.  We are supposed to believe there is a huge groundswell of support for Emanuel.  We are supposed to believe he is the chosen one we have been seeking.  Sound familiar?

Rahm is part and parcel of the Chicago Democratic Machine.  He is a Daley creation and he rode that to the White House twice, to Congress, and now he wants the Holy Grail- the mayor of Chicago.  He wants to keep fleecing the people, like his mentor Daley did. 

Rahm is not running for the people of Chicago.  Rahm is running away from the disaster he helped the president create.  He may have been the architect of the failed Democratic strategy to retain the House and Senate.  They lost the House and have a slim majority in the Senate.  Now, he wants to compound his folly by running for mayor- and running off any serious challenger.  He is ruthless and cunning.  Rahm is like a feral animal.  He will fit right in with most of the feral animals who run this burg.

Rahm could care less about serving the public.  Rahm is all about power and strategic winning.  To him, a loss is a lesson on how to win bigger the next time.  Rahm is running for mayor in the hope of setting the stage for the reelection of the president.  The Chicago vote is crucial- and if the current trend continues- it will be more crucial to the president.

This is the only reason Rahm wants to be mayor- aside from all the perks and chances to enhance his already formidable fortune.  This appears to be a very well calculated move.  Rahm can ensure the president prevails in Chicago by an overwhelming margin, especially if the anger of many Democratic politicians is real and a serious primary challenger emerges.  The president will need all the help he can get.  And Rahm is the man to give it to him.  He is totally committed.

Joe Berrios, Toni Preckwinkle, with addition of Rahm Emanuel will guarantee the President has a healthy mid to high six figure advantage if there is a primary challenge- and going into a general election.

Emails from Chicago for Rahm are eerilie similar to those sent out by OFA ( otherwise known as CREEP.  The wording and the tone are almost identical.  OFA has been building precinct organizations in Chicago for many months.  There is no doubt they will use these to work for Rahm.  With Axelrod- Obama’s Karl Rove- returning, the stage is set.  He will surely help Rahm while setting up for the presidential campaign.

There are few coincidences in politics, especially Chicago politics.  Daley walked away, leaving a suspicious power vacuum.  Joe Berrios, the President of the Machine, is Madigan’s puppet now.  There is no strong leader to take the reins in Chicago.  Rahm could step right in.  He can use money and his national influence to buy or steal the mayoral election.   

Rahm has the ability to raise 14 million dollars to run and, if necessary, fend off a challenge in a run-off election.  He raised big money in California last night.  Rahm also has a national fund raising list he can tap into.  He has friends in high places and is owed big favors.  He will collect.

Rahm Emanuel will be a disaster as mayor.  Worse, instead of running the city, he will be running the reelection campaign of the president.  It was never meant to be Rahm for Chicago. 

Chicago be damned. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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