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Rich Miller of Capitol Hypocrite’s Fax Blog

A while back, Rich Miller, in a huffy state of biased partisanship, used his gossip rag, Capitol Fax Blog to criticize one of my posts.  It caused a minor kerfuffle.  I voluntarily removed it from the Chicago Republican Party site.  I also voluntarily and immediately issued an apology to State GOP Chairman Pat Brady.  That is what real class acts and gentlemen do.  For the curious, the post is still here.

Mr. Miller made a rather infantile and futile attempt in damning me and my post.  Kind of like bringing a feather to a fistfight.

He referred to me as a doofus, joker, and clown.  He ended his post by sarcastically referring to me as a real class act.  One would think, with the popularity and supposed large readership of his gossip blog, he would be erudite and intelligent.  One would think wrong.  Doofuses, jokers, and clowns is not erudite or intelligent.  It is juvenile. 

Mr. Miller craves- begs for- journalistic respect and respectability.  He wants to rub noses with the big guys- the real reporters.  He has nocturnal dreams of being a blow dried, perfumed, poodle on TV.  Is it any wonder why he cannot get respect?  Anyone can cut, paste and criticize.  Anyone can lurk and sneak around bar restrooms- eaves dropping for material.  Mr. Miller’s stock in trade- when he is not cutting and pasting.

Rich Miller lives in a glass house.  He copies and pastes my whole disreputable post- it was really disreputable- including the pictures, on his political gossip rag.  What does that make him?  He could have just posted the link.  He uses childish, churlish, personal language, instead of true erudite criticism to exhibit outrage and disgust.  He does exactly what he accuses me of doing- being distasteful, disrespectful, and outrageous.

Rich Miller, here is how to spell H_Y_P_O_C_R_I_T_E.

What can one expect from a former door to door salesman?  Rich Miller has been described by real journalists as snarky, gossipy, and sacrilegious.  Rich Miller has been accused of engaging in personal issues and being unfair in his criticism, especially of Republicans.  Some say he practices sandbag and gotcha’ journalism.  Unfortunately, he is widely read and even taken seriously in Springfield.  Pity.

From all descriptions, he is nothing but a snoop, sneak and creep.  A very well paid, widely read, snoop, sneak and creep.  He does have a sound business model.   Mr. Miller should be complimented and lauded. Others should be jealous.  Maximum profit, minimum cost.  Capitalism at its best.  How he reconciles his flaming progressive liberalism with that is up to his own conscience- if he has one.  

Mr. Miller, please do not preach to others about their being doofuses, jerks, and clowns.  That is the epitome of hypocrisy coming from you.  It seems you, being in the State Capitol so long, have caught the terrible h2d1 version of the venereal hypocratus Democratus virus.  Rubbing elbows, using Preparation H for lip gloss, and sharing bar stools and urinals with all those Democrats and their lobbyists will do that.  They are a highly diseased, contagious bunch of trolling trollopes, oily mouthed strumpets,  syphilitic sycophants, gonorrheal gadflies, primping prostitutes, and strutting  street walkers.  A virtual panoply of prurient, vicarious, political vice and debauchery on a Caliguan scale.

Childish name calling is not criticism.  It is childish name calling.  Of course, if one actually read Capitol Fax Blog, one would see many other immature scribblings of this nature.  One would assume for $350.00 a month, the writing would be mature and intelligent. 

Example; why would anyone in their right mind put up a post about their grandmother’s birthday?  Is this gifts for granny politics to fund his priapic political pleasures? 

Had Mr. Miller criticized my post as the truly tasteless, appalling, base, crude, disrespectful, undignified piece of garbage it was, he would have demonstrated he could be taken seriously- even by journalists.  He would have also been right.

Better, had he used the same words Jan Schakowsky used to describe her own constituents at a town hall meeting last year- “deplorable, despicable, disgusting, and detestable”, I could really appreciate that.  I would compliment him and send along a thank you note. 

Instead, Mr. Miller resorts to the vocabulary and attitude of the grade school playground.  Doofuses, jerks, and clowns.   I do not know what set Mr. Miller off.  The egregious photos, or the fact I referred to Democrats as bums?  I would guess the latter, as he is well known to be lovingly affiliated with the party of the hobos, ne’er do wells, wastrels, and bums.

My post was awful; appalling, crude, base, undignified, disrespectful, tasteless, deplorable, disgusting, detestable, and despicable.  A true piece of trash.  It was pure muckraking and yellow journalism.  I freely admit it.  It was intended to be!  The Tribune endorsed bums and I- taking creative, comedic, and satiric license- showed the bums for what they are.

Mr. Miller and I are both partisans.  He, a flaming progressive liberal Democrat, and I, a Republican.  He cloaks his partisanship under the guise of pseudo- gossip journalistic integrity and alleged reportage.  The mark of a true quisling*.  I admit what I am.  Isn’t it time Mr. Miller did the same?  Maybe there is no childish or puerile teenage word for hypocrite.

I make no bones about my partisanship- or my loathing for the criminally corrupt Democrat party.  At least I am honest.  Compared to you, Mr. Miller- using your own words-  I’m a “class act“.

By the way, speaking of class acts.  Just some facts, Mr. Miller.  While you were honing your skills, ducking drops under urinals to get dribblings of gossip, I was hiding behind whatever I could find- dodging gunshots from criminals.  Can we refer to you as a urinalparazzi?  While you were improving your skills, lurking in bar restroom stalls, hoping to overhear some flushing tidbit, I was putting heinous felons behind bars in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in Chicago.  Maybe you are a toiletparazzi?  When you graduated from the restroom to the bar room, hoping to spy on drunkards in Springfield, while cadging drinks, I was processing some of the worst crime scenes imaginable.  Can we refer to you as a drunkenparazzi?

You see, Mr. Miller, for almost thirty years I was a Chicago Police Officer.  I was a public servant.  I spent my adult life helping those who are the most vulnerable in our society.  Unlike you, a restroom savant, who takes advantage of people’s drunken vulnerability. 

By the way.  You have been described by some as being bearded, short, and dwarf like in stature and mien. I understand you may be coming to Chicago to cover the mayoral elections- lurking around restrooms and sneaking around bars.  If you do decide to come, look me up.  I will teach you a favorite past time we have here.  It is a great bar game and sports challenge.  Dwarf tossing. 

*A reader suggested I use the word quisling in a post.  This is for you TN.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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