"Financial fallacies" and "Fairy tale world"

Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady described appointed Governor Pat Quinn’s fiscal policies as financial fallacies.  Pat Quinn shot back that Brady was living in a fairy tale world.  The truth of the matter is Pat Quinn is dealing in financial fallacies, financing failure, and living a a fairy tale world.

Quinn believes spending money the state does not have, borrowing money at higher interest rates, which the state cannot afford, and raising taxes, which hard working people and businesses cannot afford, are the solutions to his failure to be a tough fiscal steward.  That is fallacy, fairy tale, and smoking a lot of that hopium and changium the Democrats peddle in cloak rooms.

Quinn has been promoting tax increases for over five years.  He believes we should all bear the pain of waste, fraud, mismanagement, and corruption.  Ending that quartet would save the state around a billion dollars per year.  Quinn has refused to tackle them.

Quinn has refused to stop spending money we do not have.  By not paying the billions of dollars in debt the sate owes, he now has to borrow money at loan shark rates.  Will his body guards be up to the task when two refrigerator sized guys named Luigi and Guido grab the Governor by the throat and demand he pay the vig or they will bust him up?

Then there is the job loss.  Businesses or expanding are relocating to other states, taking our jobs with them.  People in Illinois are unemployed.  Quinn has done nothing to stop that.  The main reason for business failure in Illinois is the State of Illinois.  Wisconsin, Indiana, Iowa, and Tennessee are grateful.  Pat Quinn just does not get that.  Hey Quinn, ask yourself why the Chicagoland Chamber of Commerce endorsed Bill Brady? 

Quinn caved in to Mike Madigan on major ethics reform legislation.  Being the good Chicago machine hack he is, Quinn signed a massively diluted ethics bill.  pay to play and friends and family are still alive in Illinois.  He is against any educational reform.  The teacher’s unions bribed him with campaign cash.  He protected state employees.  Their unions provided campaign bribes and endorsements. 

But Quinn may get his way in the end.  He knew the election was over months ago.  He knew he lost.  Quinn is purposely and willfully destroying the state.  Quinn is on a reckless vengeful jihad to leave the state in such a bloody fiscal mess that his successor will be unable to wade his way out.  There should be a criminal law against such egregious behavior.



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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