Here he comes
Mayor of Chicago?
It can plie tall buildings at a single bound.  It is faster than a naked streaker.  More powerful than a Chicago precinct captain.  Is it a danseur?  A bathhouse boy?  It’s Rahmbo!  He is coming to seek truth, justice, and the Chicago Way!    
According to news reports, Rahm Emanuel will be coming to Chicago.  After a weekend self-choreographed resignation ceremony in the White House Rose Garden.  Rahmbo will go on a listening tour throughout the city.

Why, is a mystery.  Rahm Emanuel does not listen, he dictates.  Like all good Democrats, he will go to these meetings, he will hear what people need, want, and desire.  He will tell them what he wants to do, then do it.  Rahm has not been paying too much attention.  People are furious at the administration he is part and parcel of.  He will bear the brunt of that anger.

Add to that, he is not well known or liked across the city- except in the media.  Two thirds of the vote are Black and Hispanic.  They either do not know him well enough or do not care about him.  He has done nothing for them during his whole political career. 

The Northwest and Southwest sides, though usually Democratic locally, are more conservative, so he may have trouble there too.  They are part of the angry electorate.  Tea Party fodder.  What he does have is the Lakefront wards and parts of his old Fifth Congressional District.  They have demonstrated voting is merely an exercise in political protest, rather than a serious endeavor to elect qualified people.  How else does one explain Moore, Schiller, Smith, Fioretti, and Riley?

Supposedly, Emanuel has the blessings of the business and commercial interests.  Seeing as how he toiled and labored for the most anti-business administration in history, that cannot be true.  There are rumblings the business community is looking for a candidate who will champion their causes- they have a point.  Private businesses provide jobs.  Something the citizens are clamoring for. 

What does Rahm have that could make him win?  Money and the ability to generate money.  And,  Chicago’s quirky election law.  He needs to get 50 plus percent of the vote.  If enough candidates run, the vote could be split enough to force a run off.  The two candidates with the most votes then run for mayor.  Rahm would fare better in a run off.  The city would suffer under a new dictator.  From the iron fist to the steel toed ballet slippers.

But, he has to get on the ballot first.  From all indications it may be a little more difficult than he thinks.  His residency is being challenged.  If that challenge goes forward, it will eat up time and money.  His petitions could be challenged.  More time and money.  Rahm is not well liked in Chicago political circles.  With Daley out, the alpha dogs are going to be vying for the title of Big Dog Democrat.  Rahm is a Chihuahua compared to some of the local operators, even tea cup poodles like Moore, Fioretti and Riley.  Ed Burke, Gene Schulter, Miguel Del Valle, Joe Berrios, and others will use him as their personal fire hydrant.

Can the man in tights prevail?  Can he overcome the obstacles being put in his way?  Can he destroy the competition and opposition?  Can he use his superpowers to overcome an electorate tired of the same old way?  Or will he bring a higher, more sophisticated level of crime and corruption to this political cess pool we call Chicago. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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