That old time religion Jesse Jackson is at it again.  In his continued quest for relevancy, he his promoting a march in Washington this Saturday, October 2.  According to the political preacher, a host and cast of thousands will participate.  In a quaint reminiscence of the glorious 1960s, they will march for hope, unity, truth, justice, and the American way- and of course for the children.  Can’t forget the children.  Their march is called One Nation Working Together.  Cute. 
The Right Reverend claims they are marching against the politics of fear.  The fear America is changing for the worse.  Of course he refuses to accept it is his progressive Democrats in the White House and legislature who created that fear.  Jackson says nothing about the loathing they caused.  Good, patriotic, Americans now fear and loath their government.  That must be change we can believe in.

The reverend is railing against the entrenched special interests controlling our government.  He must mean those progressives who raised hundreds of millions of dollars to buy a president, a legislature, and their policy failures.  Those millionaires, billionaires, unions, and Hollywood types who gave and keep on giving for a piece of the action.  Those interests who are leading this country to ruin.  Those interests who are ashamed of American economic might.  The interests who, like Mr. Jackson, fear and hate a powerful middle class so much, they have practically destroyed it.   

Of course the Chicago cleric spouts the usual drivel about diversity, quilts of many colors, and all that puff and fluff having nothing to do with economics.  They are marching for jobs, while demonizing the very businesses which provide those jobs.  They are demonizing banks, which provide the capital for businesses to survive- to provide jobs.  The should be demonizing the government- Public Enemy Number One to Business. 

They are marching so the poor have opportunity.  The poor do have opportunity- the same opportunity as the rest of us- they just have to take advantage of it.  As a wise man once said- “The only way to help the poor is not to join them”.  One Nation is marching so workers share in the profits of their labor.  Someone should remind them workers are workers, not owners.  If they want to share in the profits, they should invest money in the companies they work for.  They should also share in the responsibilities- to insure maximum profit at minimum cost.

The Reverend ends with a sermon on faith and hope.  He talks about a new heaven and a new earth- the old ones passing away.  What Bible is he reading?  Then he really puts his foot in it.  He describes the emerging reform majority.  Is this a middle class event or Tea Party event?  Will Palin or Beck be there?  The only emerging majority are the growing majority of angry Americans- from across the political spectrum- who see their country being destroyed from within by its own government.

The shame of it all is there are people who still take Reverend Jackson seriously.



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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