The scratch sheet

The Chicago Tribune published a scorecard of mayoral candidates.  It is mostly a list of puppets and stooges of the Democratic Machine.  Some are direct enemies of the people.  Here is a partial breakdown.  Note, aldermen should not be allowed to run for mayor.  Upon joining the City Council, they are in effect joining a band of organized criminals.

Topping the list is City Clerk and Daley stooge, Miguel Del Valle.  He claims to be in.  He is a Daley puppet.  Daley pulls the strings and Del Valle entertains.  His whole political career has been one long Punch and Judy show.  As mayor, he would be an unmitigated disaster.  He has the only job he is qualified for- clerk.

Bob Fioretti.  An Alderman, he should be disqualified.  Mr. Fioretti would be a disaster as mayor.  He made his living suing the city.  If you think the police department is bad now, it will get worse under him.  He is also a tool of the SEIU.  He would start his own Purple Shirts.

Sandi Jackson.  Wife of Little Lord Fauntleroy.  A light weight- a housewife with a part time job.  An alderman, so unfit.

Luis Guitierrez.  Lord save us.  A former FALN terrorist, street gang enabler, and real estate hustler.  He still does not realize the only reason he’s a congressman is because Daley wanted him out of Chicago.

Ricky “Hollywood” Hendon.  With a nickname like that, nothing more need be said.

Rahm Emanuel.  Can you spell tutu with a capital T.  Emanuel is also tied to Jimmy DeLeo (retiring), organized crime’s guy in the Democratic Party.  Loves to pretend he is a tough guy.  Runs around naked jabbing his finger in people’s chest.  Can you spell t-o-w-e-l b-o-y?

Manny Flores.  Another Daley stooge and puppet.  Now he is a Quinn stooge and puppet.  A former Alderman, he should be automatically disqualified.

Maria Pappas.  Maybe last time around.  Could be a serious contender in a run off, due her her ability to generate votes..

Carol Mosley Braun.  All smile and no substance.

James Meeks.  A serious contender.  Mr. Meeks is a one trick pony, however.  He has latched on to education and has not let go.  Out of the bunch he is the most respectable.  Could also be a serious run off contender.  Note, Mr. Meeks does have some integrity.  He returned all monies he received from the nefarious Chicago Teachers Union and has pledged never to take a contribution from them again.

Jesse Jackson Jr.  Just what we need. Little Lord Fauntleroy in city hall. 

Joe Moore.  Typical progressive socialist.  He would change the name of the city to Chicagograd.  He is an Alderman, so that should automatically disqualify him.  He would destroy business and commercial interests in Chicago- costing us more jobs.

William “Doc” Walls.  Perennial loser.

Bridget Gainer. Lakefront liberal and Joe Moore in a skirt.  A Stroger stooge.  A community organizer.  We already see how that is playing out in the White House.   

Tribune Scorecard


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Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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