Beating a dead horse

Now we know the real reason Mayor Daley is quitting.  He is suffering from dementia.  Daley is defending his disastrous choice for Police Superintendent.  He no longer realizes he made the biggest mistake in the history of the Chicago Police Department.  His brain is gone.  He is out of touch with reality.  Pity.

He is defending the indefensible.  From day one, Superintendent Fancy Pants was despised and reviled.  Nothing has changed.  Morale is gone.  The police officers, once a proud, tough, and efficient police force, are demoralized and apathetic.  Fancy Pants has turned them into a mound of quivering, shimmering jello- they wiggle.  They fear doing their job the way it should be done.  They fear doing real police work.

Daley did not vet Weis.  Had he done so, he would have realized he was hated and reviled as an FBI Deputy Director.  Chicago agents snickered when he was appointed.  They stated “better you have him than us.”  The FBI could not wait to get rid of him and we got stuck with him.  He was nothing but trouble.  He left one step ahead of the lawsuits. 

Weis knows nothing about policing, police officers, or police departments.  No Fed does.  There is no Federal Police Department.  He does know about persecuting employees, making them fear to do their jobs in an honest and efficient manner, and punishing them for chicken excrement.  He hates truth tellers and whistle blowers.  Just ask a former agent named Wright.

To bad he is not corrupt.  We could understand that.  That is the Chicago Way.  He is just inept, incompetent, and thoroughly unqualified- like most of our aldermen who approved him.  Weis has no redeeming police qualities. 

Leadership is a mutual trust between the leader and the led.  There is no trust in Weis.  The led do not have faith in him.  He fails to see that.  He refuses to turn that around.  Leaders are responsible to instill morale and create positive incentives to do the job.  Fancy Pants believes in negative reinforcement.  Leaders see problems as challenges to be solved.  Fancy Pants sees problems as challenges to his power.

Daley no longer realizes he made a serious mistake.  He is living in a fog of past bad press.   A few incidents that received media over exposure and tarnished a whole department.  Typical.  The very  few make the rest suffer.  Now the Department is suffering under tyranny. 

When he finally leaves, they will name two streets after him.  One Way and Dead end.

Note to Superintendent fancy Pants:
The Chicago Police Department does have a communications system.  It can communicate with the police helicopter.  It can tell it when it is appropriate to show up and strut its stuff.  During the candle light vigil ceremony at the Chicago Police Memorial on  Tuesday, the Chicago Police helicopter flew low over, hovered over,, and blasted its siren- WHILE OUR NATIONAL ANTHEM WAS BEING SUNG.  It was a total disgrace!!!!!

This author was there and will testify to it.  I left in disgust.  Come after me big boy.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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