Two Chicago guys had a sit down.  These were not run of the mill guys.  Oh, both were Chicago Machine hacks, to be sure.  Can you picture the scene.  One of the guys shows up to the meeting wearing his tutu.  The other wearing short pants, a lace collared shirt, and a cap.  The ballet dancer and Little Lord Fauntleroy.

Rahm Emanuel and Jesse Jackson Jr. met in Washington to discuss Chicago and the up coming mayoral race.  Being good Chicago Democrats, they were probably figuring out the division of spoils.  Both want to be mayor.  Junior is spinning his wheels in Congress and is still a light weight.  Rahm has well over stayed his welcome in the White House and Washington.

Neither one should be mayor of Chicago.  Spending your career as a lackey or a political preacher’s son are not exactly the qualifications we are looking for.  Rahm Emanuel was a Daley lackey before he was promoted to be a lackey for Jimmy DeLeo, organized crime’s guy in the Democratic Party.  Now he is the presidents door mat.  Jesse Jr. is, well, junior.  Daddy’s little boy.

Running the city of Chicago takes a certain kind of leadership.  A cross between a Fortune 500 CEO and a tough battle hardened general.  Neither man has those qualities.  There are too many problems to tackle.  From ethics reform to budget black holes.  Since both are hacks, ethics reform is a dream.  Neither have ever really run anything and both are pure Democrats, so there goes the budget.

Running around naked and pointing your finger at aldermen will not cut it here.  This is not D.C., the land of the cream puff politicos.  An alderman may just shoot your dumb a$$ or order your own body guards to give you a beating.  Being the son of a famous store front preacher will not do either.  The people know who will be in charge, and it will not be Junior.

Unfortunately, and sadly, these two are the lesser of evils.  There is not one announced candidate who can run this city honestly and efficiently.  An Alderman as mayor?  May as well dig up Al Capone.  Current elected city officials, like Miguel Del Valle?  Bring back Vaudevillian ventriloquist dummies.  Some other Democratic criminal hack?  May as well let the Feds turn city hall into a prison.

For better or worse, Richard M. Daley ran this city and held it together.  He finally ran out of baling wire and bubble gum, so he is leaving.  Now, all the sewer rats, swamp scum, and dregs of humanity are lining up to take his place.  All good, solid, Machine criminals. 

Too bad there is not a political outsider who can step in, win the election, and turn this city around.  Someone with ethics, integrity, and a willingness to force necessary changes down the criminals’ throats.  No one has stepped up to the plate.  These are intelligent people.  Beating the machine requires the same thuggery they use, exponentially multiplied.  No civilized person wants to lower themselves to those depths.

Pity.  We will get stuck with some half wit mugger of old ladies as mayor.  And the same street gang city council- the Insane Idiots.  Hopefully, US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald will stick around.  Hopefully he will get an increased budget.  He is going to need it.

UPDATE: State Senator Reverend James Meeks is considering running for mayor.
Comment on John Kass- Chicago Tribune:
As to your Wednesday column on the Rev. and state Sen. James T. Meeks as a possible mayor, I say: No Meeks, no way. I will not accept authority or be ruled by priests, ministers, head-shrinkers, mediums, ayatollahs, abbots, nuns, druids or any of their kind. They are all supposed to be praying for me (for what it’s worth), not arresting me, taxing me, judging me or otherwise bossing me around. Thank you. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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