"This isn’t a Democracy. It’s a hypocrisy."

A local Democratic elected official actually said that.  He must have had a brain fart or something.  I would bet he got a slap and a face full of cold water by one of his cronies.  A tearful public apology will probably be forthcoming.  There is no democracy in the local Democratic regime, AKA the Machine.  There never has been.  It is a totalitarian system run by strongmen and bosses- like Third World tin pot dictatorships.

The boss of bosses in Cook County and Chicago, since 1989, has been Richard M. Daley.  He has ruled with an iron fist, while depleting the city’s treasury to keep harmony among all the various factions in Chicago.  Criticism has been stifled by give-aways and bread and circuses. 

The boss is leaving.  He is hanging up his iron fist for good.  Up to twenty Aldermanic seats are also up for grabs, maybe more.  Hopefully all.  Is Chicago ready for a real democracy- a government for the people?  A responsible government?  A clean government?  Can we handle it?

Could we really get by, if for at least four years, not one Alderman goes to prison?  Would we be shamed if some mayoral appointees did not do the perp walk on their way to a federal trial?  How would we handle the shock value of not witnessing the indictment of city contractors or vendors for bribery?  Wht wqould we do if there were no scandals at all?  Would we be forced to get our daily dose of entertainment by watching Dancing with the Idiots instead of the babbling buffoons in the City Council? 

This city was founded on corruption and criminality.  From day one, politicians only asked one question- Where’s mine?  Now, a fresh breeze is blowing in the Windy City.  There is an opportunity clean the air and remove the stench and reek of corruption emanating from City Hall.  Pride in our political criminality is waning.  Some people actually want reform and good government.  They are not just the do gooders, bleeding hearts, and goo goos.  They are people from all walks of life.

Citizens have finally realized a dictator and politburo directly affect them in the pocketbook- the only thing that really matters.  The Machine has cost the citizens too much money.  The cost of living and doing business in this city have finally met a ceiling that cannot be penetrated.  All of it due to corruption.  500 plus million dollars a year of tax dollars wasted.  Businesses gone and good jobs lost.

It remains to be seen if people really want change bad enough.  People are in fear of the unknown.  But courage is creeping in.  People are waking up to the reality there is nothing to fear from the Machine.  It is nothing more than a group of gas bags with their palms out and their pockets deep.  They can be crushed.  All it takes is feet.

That’s right.  Feet.  Feet to get up off the couch, walk across the room, out the door, down the street, and into the polling place.  Then, by a feat of one handed magic, voting each and everyone of them out of office.  Simple- feet, feat, defeat.  

There is not one alderman who should be reelected.  Any new candidates should be thoroughly vetted by the media and good government groups.  Membership in or association with the local Democratic Party should be reason enough not to vote for them.  Too bad it does disqualify them from the ballot.  Too bad it is not reason enough to label the local Democratic Party a continuing criminal enterprise.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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