Governor Pig Pen

Eric Zorn decided  to refer to Governor Quinn as Governor Cowardly Lion.  He is more like Governor TinStrawCoward.  If he only had a brain, nerve, and a heart.  Quinn has been walking the Yellow Brick Road of politics his whole career.  Unlike Dorothy, he never woke up from the dream.  He just merrily skipped along those yellow bricks, hoping to find solutions and his way out.  He was always blaming Flying Monkeys for public policy problems.  When he became governor, he had the two Wicked Witches to blame- Madigan and Cullerton. 

Pat Quinn is the great pretender.  He wrapped him self in the cloak of super hero reform, like a wolf in sheep’s clothing.  In reality, he has always been a Chicago Democratic Machine hack.  He is all talk and no action.  He has played it safe his whole career- supporting issues would never have control over, but looked and sounded good to a small group of Utopians. 

Quinn will be the first to put on the rhetorical boxing gloves, do some rope a dope, all flash.  When the opponent enters the ring, Quinn jumps over the ropes, runs out of the arena and shows he is all dash. 

He is great on the soap box.  When it comes time to act, all the soap in the world cannot cover the reek and stench of Chicago Democratic corruption he exudes.  He moves like Pig Pen of Peanuts fame- with the dirt and odorous fumes of Democratic Machine politics billowing around him around.  Maybe we should call him governor Pig Pen.

Quinn takes credit for some successes.  Usually these were when he jumped on some reform band wagon that was already on its way to becoming a fine tuned orchestra.  They did the work, practiced, rehearsed, and got to play Carnegie Hall.  He took the credit.  Quinn was always the costumed face of someone else’s work and effort.  He was the guy who yelled charge.  Then he charged off in the opposite direction. 

As governor, he showed his brainless, heartless, and cowardly streaks from day one.  He would stand before the cameras, flapping his arms like a sea gull, demanding some kind of reform- ethics, resignations, budget, higher taxes, cutting education and needed social services, etc.  When the critics- in and out of politics- surfaced, he would back down, cower, run away, and hide under his desk, quivering like a gelatinous mound of pudding.  His gubernatorial campaign is Custard’s Last Stand Mound.  Quivering, shaking, and glistening.  All polish.  No substance.

Pat Quinn keeps harping at his opponent.  He keeps protesting Bill Brady does not have a plan to clean up the mess he and Blagojevich created.   Bill Brady does not need a plan to win the election.  He has Pat Quinn, Governor Pig Pen.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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