Two alderman walk out of a bar…

“The average Democratic representative in the City Council is a tramp, if not worse.  He represents or claims to represent a political party having respectable principles and leaders of character and ability… when he reaches City hall… he is nine case out of ten a bummer and a disreputable who can be bought and sold as hogs at the stockyards.  Do these vicious vagabonds stand for the decency and intelligence of the Democratic Party in Chicago?”  Chicago Herald circa 1890s. 

“It has been an open secret for many years that the council is controlled by a gang of corruptionists…

For years the character of the men elected to the Chicago council has been below the average in moral sense and intelligence, but from year to year men of notorious official and political corruption have been elected as lawmakers for the city.  A clean up is needed.”  Graphic Magazine Circa 1890s.

Things have not changed much since the 1890s.  The average alderman is still a tramp, worse a street walking prostitute.  They are still a disreputable bunch of boodlers, grafters, buffoons, and boondogglers.  They are still vicious vagabonds who have no shame, no decency, and are notorious for their political and official corruption.

The only thing that has changed since the 1890s is the sophistication of graft, boodle, and boondoggle.  Bribes are euphemistically called campaign contributions or fees and commissions to an alderman’s favorite attorneys or insurance agents.  Usually friends or family members.

Even the position of alderman is corrupt.  It is a part time job paying over $2000.00 a week with full health and pension benefits, along with a $75,000 plus dollar a year expense account.  This allows the aldermen to have full time jobs and professions; some at the expense of and detriment to the average tax payer, like Ed Burke’s property tax reduction law firm.  Movements to force the position to be full time have been met with scorn and derision from the gang of fifty thieves.

Scorn and derision have also been heaped on any who demand enforceable ethics reform- holding the Aldermen to a higher standard.  Things have not changed much since the 1890s.  There is only one way to change- vote each and every Alderman out of office and never vote for an alderman or former alderman for any elected position.

Maybe we can start a publicity campaign of ridicule- alderman jokes.  Remember the lawyer joke craze some years back?  It was so hot, lawyers actually were going to sue to stop them.  In Chicago, Alderman would probably try to ban them or fine those who tell them.  In Chicago, Alderman would probably try to ban the jokes or fine those who tell them.  They hate truth.  They hate honesty, ethics, and transparency too.  They are not profitable.  

Quotes from Lords of the Levee Wendt and Kogan


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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