One down. One to go.

Richard M. Daley is out.  He is retiring.  Now it is time to retire John Daley, his brother.  John Daley is a Cook County Commissioner.  Some say he is the real board president- Todd Stroger takes his marching orders from Mr. Daley.

John Daley is the powerful Chairman of the Finance Committee and the Audit Committee.  This gives him great power.  Daley gets to audit his own books.  He does not see an ethical problem with that-  he is a Daley after all.  Cook County is facing a 300 million dollar deficit, which is growing everyday.  Most people blame Todd Stroger, but Daley was right there with him, knee deep in pork.  Daley has never come out against the egregious hiring practices of Mr. Stroger or his wasteful spending.  Come to think of it, Daley never went against Mr. Stroger’s father either.

It is time to boot the other Daley out.  Toss him to the curb like trash.  Carl Segvich is running against John Daley for Cook County Commissioner.  He needs our help.  It is time to dismantle the Daley Regime.  Throw the last Daley out.

Though it is costly, Segvich promotes a forensic audit of county finances.  In the long run, the money spent will be well worth it.  A forensic audit will show up the waste, fraud, and mismanagement in the Cook County budget.  This is why Democrats fear them so much and lash out at anyone who promotes these audits.  It exposes them as crooks, liars, and thieves.   A forensic audit will tell us what and where the budget can be slashed.  It will also give a snapshot of the corruption and malfeasance of Todd Stroger and John Daley.  It is time the people knew where their money has been wasted all these years. 

Carl is in favor of simplifying property tax calculations and evaluations.  The current property tax system is arcane and unfair, especially to residential property owners.  Our property values have decreased but our taxes are based on older valuations.  We are paying more than we should. 

Carl believes the increased sales tax has hurt county residents and has driven businesses out of the county.  Our tax system in Cook County is not based on legitimate spending.  It’s sole purpose is to cover for the incompetence, waste, fraud, and mismanagement of the Democrats. 

Carl Segvich is in favor of more efficient government- not more government.  Under the Stroger regime- father and son- County government has bloated out of control.  There are too many overlapping and wasteful programs and jobs, costing hundreds of millions of dollars a year.   There are too many employees doing too little work.  Under the Stroger regime, friends and family on the payroll trumped efficient streamlined governance.

Carl is going up against John Daley,  the mayor’s brother.  It is time for change.  One Daley is down and out by his own choice.  Let us choose to throw the other under the bus.  We need Carl Segvich on the Cook County Board of Commissioners.  The Stroger regime is ended.  Now it is time to finally end the Daley regime.  Throw the last Daley out!

Help Carl smash the last Daley standing.  Volunteer or donate today.



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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