Shhhhhh! It’s a secret!

The new contract to privatize Illinois Lottery Operations is shrouded in secrecy.  The Quinn administration refuses to release details about the bids to acquire management of the 2 billion dollar a year enterprise- even to the losing bidders.  The names of the review committee are being kept secret.  They must be employed by the CIA or something.  All that is known are the two highest bidders.  That is it.  Some bidders are claiming the system may have been rigged in favor of a few companies.  Really?  Illinois?  Democrats?  Favoritism?

Quinn, the great reformer, who touts openness in government, refuses to allow any details of this boondoggle out.  The whole process has been invisible.  Seeing as he is a corrupt Chicago Machine hack, what else is new?  Why would any sane person in this state expect anything different than business as usual?  The question remains is this pay to play, the friends and family plan, or a combination of both?

Why the secrecy?  And, if as Quinn says, the law was followed to the letter, why the opaqueness?  Where is that good old open government reform spirit he is always blathering about?  Sunshine being the best disinfectant, and all that.  Open up those books and let the public see how boodle is created.  Show us.  We, the citizens, do have a right to know.

No wonder Pat Quinn will not be elected governor.  People have had it.  It is no longer just the corruption.  It is his blatant hypocrisy.  All his reform talk is just fetid hot air.  People want a clean, cool breeze.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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