Disgusting and disgraceful

The gangs had their disgusting press conference in Columbus Park, and one glaring truth came out of it.  The gangs accused police and public officials of not respecting them.  They are right.  We do not respect them.  They should never get any respect- not one iota’s worth. They do not deserve respect. They are criminals.  They are leeches and parasites on society.  They chose the criminal life.  No one forced them into it.  They should pay the price- be shamed and disrespected.   

The gangs demand they be given alternatives, instead of ultimatums.  OK, here is an alternative ultimatum- disband and stop being criminals.  Dismantle your criminal enterprises and disappear.  That is the only acceptable alternative.

Another proudly claimed he is a gang member, but not a gangbanger.  He claimed he is not an urban terrorist- the people on Wall Street are the terrorists.  These people must be using the same junk they are killing our kids with.  That is the reason we call it dope.

Since when do criminal enterprises uplift anything except their own profits?  These gangs would have us believe they are community spokespeople.  Since when do criminals represent the community?  Get a clue, gang members are gangbangers are criminals.  The only negotiation with them should be in court- over what to charge them with and how long their prison sentences should be.

The group includes some who claim they’ve turned their gang influence into a force for good. Now they want city money to pay for their own violence prevention programs.

They want what? A bribe from the city?  Give them money or else?  What a scam, just like all the other so called violence prevention programs run by hoods and financed by government- scams, frauds, wastes of tax dollars.  These criminals think the people are really stupid- they may be right. They did get the over educated press and media people to show up.  Other intellectual idiots are siding with them.

The gangs have their ultimatum- give in to them, surrender, raise the white flag of the yellow bellied coward.  Give them what they want, but they will not disband.  From the looks of this mayor and his Police Superintendent- who plans another meeting with the criminals- it just may happen.

Chicago is not only a breeding ground for crime, it is the new ground zero for breeding cowards.  Starting with the mayor and his Police Superintendent.  Cowardly political hacks who refuse to do what is necessary to protect our citizens.  Then there is the cowardly media who refuse to rake these criminals over the coals.  They must be politically correct and not offend; they need to protect the tender sensitivities of these hard core gangbangers. 

These criminals actually claim the gangs are not the cause of violence- drugs are.  What kind of convoluted logic is this?  The gangs are distributing and selling the drugs.  They are killing to protect their drug territories.  It is their drug dealers causing the violence.  It is their members doing the killing.  Talk about denial!  Yep, they call it dope for a reason.

The real disgrace- the media showed up.  They gave these brazen criminals a platform to stage their illegitimate grievances.  Not one media person has damned these vermin to hell.  Probably will not happen.  It is disgraceful and disgusting when criminals can get a voice as if they were aggrieved legitimate citizens.  It is a shame when the media in this town refuse to damn them, shame them, debase them.

Hey gangbanger mooks, here is the response from the community:

Parents of slain kids have message for gangs: How dare you?


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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