What to do about the gangs and drug cartels

Since Mayor Daley  refuses to do anything about the massive gang and drug problems plaguing this city; and since the inept Superintendent of Police cannot do anything, I will outline what must be done to end the cycle of gang and drug violence.  It is simple.  It has been done before.  It worked.  It is the same process used to decimate organized crime in New York and Chicago.  It took a long time, but with technology and perfected legal tools and methods, it will work in a shorter period of time now.

The Federal government, under the lead of US Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald, should organize a task force of FBI, DEA, ATF, the US Postal Inspection Service, and of course, the IRS; if the mayor gives his permission, the Chicago Police Department too.  This task force should start major investigations on some of the larger gang and drug cartel leadership.  These should lead to massive RICO investigations.  At the same time, they should institute covert street investigations, getting the gangs from the bottom up, all the while developing informers and potential material and cooperating witnesses for trials.

The major gangs should be put under the Federal microscope; indicted and punished every single time they commit a Federal crime.  The IRS should be going over them with a fine tooth comb and confiscating every thing in sight.  This should be front page news, with gang members doing the perp walk 24/7.  It should be the lead on TV and other electronic media too.

If any parolee is a known gang member, their parole should be revoked and he should be sent away- far away.  The message must get out- it is illegal to be a member of a criminal organization.  Any member is a criminal and is fair game.  

The gangs should know up front the Federal machine is coming after them.  They have the time.  They have the resources.  They have the money.  Any and all legal surveillance, overt and covert, should be used- even the old lock step surveillance.  Any and all legal tricks should be used.  Any and all legal tactics should be used.  No matter how low or detestable.  As long as it is legal- the ends do justify the means.  A total program of legal harassment should be implemented against the gang and drug leadership until they get to the point that every time they go to the bathroom they meet a federal agent or police officer.  They should even fear to see agents and cops under their beds at night.  They should also fear death if they are armed.  What ever it takes should and could be done.

Anyone who knows or even does legitimate business with a gang leader or drug dealer should be labeled as an associate of organized crime- just like they did in the 60s.  Publicize their names.  The citizens should know who is tied to these people.  They should be leaned on hard to provide information.  They should be shamed publicly for their association.  If they are businessmen or professionals, they should be boycotted.  If they are politicians, they should be indicted for corruption.

Next, new community activist groups should be organized to protest the homes of the gang leaders and leaders of the drug cartels- even if they live in the suburbs.  Ministers and priests should be enlisted to preach against them from the pulpit.  Community leaders should be thrust into the spotlight and rant and rave against the gangs and drug cartels.  The usual suspects, the paid off political preachers, priests, community groups, and organizers should be ignored.  They are nothing but enablers.

The media should institute investigations along with law enforcement and put their findings on the front page, day after day, if necessary.  If any columnist or reporter balks or writes about perception problems, they should be fired.  The time has come for everyone to act like responsible adults, instead of 1960s dope smoking protesters and civil rights activists.  It is time to throw political correctness out the window.

In cooperation with law enforcement, a massive anti-gang and anti-drug public relations campaign should be launched.  A Mighty Wurlitzer.  The gangs and drug lords should be described in the lowest and most vile terms.  They should be debased and dehumanized like the vermin they are.  A well crafted and keenly honed campaign of community hatred should be leveled against them.

Granted, this is all being done twenty years too late, but a start must be made.  Tomorrow.  Enough is enough.  If the mayor refuses to do anything and his incompetent Police Superintendent cannot do anything, then the Feds should step in.  If Superintendent Fancy Pants does not like it, they can just order him to step aside or get run over.  Maybe they can find some archaic law making it a crime for surrendering to the enemy and indict him under it.  If the mayor does not like it, too bad.  Maybe it is time to investigate him too.  The same holds true for the Aldermen and any other elected official.

It is time to stop the nonsense and stop pussy footing around.  It is time to admit this mayor has created a dangerous situation and has no intention of controlling it.  It is time to admit his Police Superintendent is a charlatan and a fraud.  It is time to get tough.  It is time for Orwell’s rough men to come out of the woodwork and patrol our streets so we can sleep well at night.

Using these tactics, the gangs and dope cartels can be dismantled and decimated.  Like the Chicago Outfit and the New York Mafia, they can become mere shadows of their former selves.  The leaders can rot and die in prison.  Their minions can leave prison as old men.  Who really cares?


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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