Legitimate and equal

The heat is on Superintendent of Police Fancy Pants.   Aldermen are upset about his gang summit.  Why is not known, since many aldermen are culpable for the gang and drug problem.  The aldermen complain that by meeting, parlaying, and making empty threats, Fancy Pants has legitimized the street gangs.  He gave them an equal footing with law enforcement.  Some have also bluntly asked what he has been doing since being appointed and why is he only making empty threats now?

“I can’t believe we’re sitting down and negotiating with urban terrorists who are killing our kids with guns and drugs on the streets,” Fioretti said.
“These are not people the superintendent ought to be negotiating with. They’ve now been elevated to equals. They’re not equals. They belong in jail. It’s an admission that the Police Department can’t control the streets.” 

Fancy Pant’s meeting was nothing more than a desperation tactic, as one alderman put it.  He has done nothing to stem gang growth, leadership, or violence.  Now, he talks to them- as if it will do any good.  It was not only desperate, it was sad.  Mayor Malaprop, certain Aldermen, community leaders, and the media have their share of the blame too.  They all have enabled the gangs.  The mayor shoulders all of the blame.

For too many years the mayor has destroyed the police department through downsizing.  Mayor Malaprop has always treated the Police Department as a necessary evil.  As the police department shrunk, the gangs grew.  Some have even gone national.  These gangs are now urban armies.  Well armed, vicious, and brazen.  The new root cause of crime is the total ability to get away with it.  As proven by the meeting, the Superintendent’s comments, and his empty threats. 

During the 1970s-1990s there was a coordinated effort between the city, state, and federal agencies to bring down traditional organized crime.  The media participated heavily.  It worked.  Organized crime, which was a power and political force unto itself in this city, is only a mere shadow of its former self.  It was a top down bottom up approach.  Pressure was applied, laws used effectively, and convictions were obtained.  Leaders as well as worker bees went off to long prison sentences.

The same tactics can be used against the leadership of the major street gangs and drug cartels.  It has to be a top down bottom up high pressure approach; keeping the pressure on, until they capitulate.  There will be no political ramifications, as the gangs, unlike the Outfit, are not really that politically powerful. 

The cowards in city hall- mayor and aldermen- and those in the media will not do this.  They are sooo afraid of being labeled as racists; insensitive to the feelings of the communities at large- or some jabberwocky.  The vast majority of street gangs and dope dealers are Black and Hispanic.  The vast majority of crimes are committed by Blacks and Hispanics.  The victims are mostly Blacks and Hispanics.  These are not just mere statistics, these are raw numbers- the real naked truth.  Get used to it!  There is no political correctness here.  This is not a perception.  These are cold, hard, deadly facts.

If there is a major crackdown, there are three fears the cowards have.  One, open warfare between the criminals and law enforcement.  Two, being labeled by community leaders, political preachers and priests, and community organizers as racists.  Three, gang incited rioting (ala Rodney King).  Probably all three at once.  This is where we are at.  This is pathetic.  The gangs hold all the cards, have the sympathy of various groups and aldermen, clergymen, and columnists.  The city, the mayor, and especially the police, will wrongly be blamed for any fallout from a crackdown, instead of the criminals.

Cowards in our city government, a blind and deaf media, and a milk sop police superintendent have created a perfect storm of violent and profitable criminality.  Now they want to wave the white flag of truce, parlay, and negotiation.  They want to give up.  Throw the towel in.  Admit failure.  Soon, they will find some fuzzy brained academic ist, ology, or ism as an excuse for gang and drug criminality.  That will surely make us all sleep better at night.

In the city of Chicago, failure is now an option.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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