Superintendent Fancy Pants is a disgrace

According to the Chicago Sun Times, Superintendent of Police Fancy Pants met with gang leaders on the West Side on August 17th.  He did not arrest a single one.  He demanded- more like begged– they stop the violence or else they would be arrested under RICO statutes.  Kind of like “if you do that again, I’m going to tell my mommy on you”.  I bet those heartless, hard core, murdering gang leaders were shaking in their boots and urinating in their pants at your macho manly threat.  They must now be soooooo afraid of you.

Why hasn’t Fancy Pants brought one RICO case against any of the gang leaders since he has been Superintendent?  Why hasn’t he used his alleged vast Federal expertise to go after them before?  Why did he meet with them to begin with?  To beg?  He has done nothing to stop the growth of the gangs during his reign of failure.  The only people he has hurt are our police officers, who are afraid to do their jobs because of his draconian retributive policies.  Fancy Pants has destroyed what was once a proud police organization.  He put the final nail in the coffin.

Fancy Pants, get a clue.  Real police officers do not meet, parlay, or beg with the leaders of criminal enterprises.  Real police officers arrest the leaders of criminal enterprises.  They investigate them, indict them, and have them prosecuted.  If necessary, they even kill them.  Having never been a real police officer, or even a real FBI agent, you would not know that.  You spent your whole FBI career using Preparation H as lip gloss to climb up the FBI hierarchy.  Yesterday, you added knee pads to your arsenal.

Instead of begging criminals to stop killing people, you should have put together a task force of city and federal law enforcement officials and pursued RICO cases against the gangs- three years ago.  Now, you go hat in hand and beg them to stop?  Did you order them to disband?  Did you order them to stop selling drugs, creating mayhem, committing other crimes, or dismantle their criminal enterprises?  Did you demand they leave town?  No!  You made empty juvenile threats.  Threats with no teeth.  Meaningless threats.

They can keep their criminal enterprises going, as long as they do not kill anyone?  Nice.  Real nice.

You begged them to stop killing and threatened them with prosecution?  You even gave them job information?  Hey, Fancy Pants, guess what?  The gang leaders do not need jobs.  They are wealthy- tax free wealth.  I would have loved to see and hear the roaring laughter of those gang leaders after you left.  It is just like the laughter of our police officers when your name is mentioned.

Fancy Pants, you are a disgrace to the profession of law enforcement.  You have brought shame and discredit to the Chicago Police Department.  Your actions are a slap in the face to every Chicago Police Officer who has ever worn the Star; especially those who were killed fighting the same kind of criminals you begged.  What you did was deplorable, despicable, detestable, and disgusting.  You should be fired.  Now.  Today.  Before you do more harm.  Every citizen in this city should call the mayor and their alderman to demand you be tarred, feathered, and run out of our city on a rail.  You are not fit to lead a cub scout den, let alone a proud profession.

If Mayor Malaprop agreed with your delusional tactic, he should resign too.  Police officers do not meet with or parlay with organized criminals.  We do not beg themWe arrest them.  You just showed the whole police department and the citizens of this city that you are a lowly, spineless, yellow belly coward.  The worst kind of turncoat.  You have shamed all of us who fought the good fight for years.  You are a stain on our profession.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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