Superintendent Fancy Pants retaliates

Police Superintendent Jody Weis wouldn’t comment specifically on Andrews’ case this week but spoke about how leaders are people who “look to inspire, motivate and look for solutions to challenges.”

“I don’t think leaders should sit and throw rocks at respective agencies or at those who are trying to address the challenges,” Weis said.  (Chicago Tribune)

Superintendent Fancy Pants, by his own words, is no leader.  He does not look to inspire, motivate, or look for solutions to challenges.  He does not even address challenges.  Instead, he retaliates against people who do.  People like Lieutenant John Andrews.  Lt. Andrews posted a rather long, informed, and involved essay on his blog; addressing the problems within the department.  He is now charged in an internal investigation with bringing discredit to the Department.

Unlike Supt. Fancy Pants, Lt. Andrews has been a real police officer for twenty five years- working the streets.  He knows the problems of and with police officers from the bottom up.  Supt. Fancy Pants knows nothing about police officers.  Lt. Andrews knows about crime.  Fancy Pants knows about numbers.  Lt. Andrews is a leader who has earned his position.  Fancy Pants, ah, what’s the use.

If anyone is throwing rocks, it is Superintendent Fancy Pants.  He lives in a glass house.  Fancy Pants is the problem, not the solution.  First and foremost, the officers do not respect him.  Respect must be earned.  Of course he does not know that.  He just showed up one day and demanded respect.  He has not earned a scintilla of respect from the men and women of the Department. His tenure has been fraught with problems.  He knows nothing about instilling espirit de corps, increasing morale, or getting the best out of people- inspiring them to excellence.  Leaders are supposed to support their troops, not resort to chicken excrement management. 

Superintendent Fancy Pants does know how to instill fear, and with fear, its partner, loathing.  He has not only done this with the rank and file, but also with the supervisors and leadership.  The list of his missteps are too long to post here.  But he is known throughout the Department as J-Fed and J-Fled. He is considered a light weight laughing stock.  Not good.   

The chicken excrement has finally hit the fan.  A real cop and a real leader has exposed Fancy Pants for what he truly is- a mincing supercilious poseur.  Lt. Andrews has exposed the severe problems within Department.  Problems which have caused escalating violence in the city, and, indirectly caused the brazen unnecessary deaths of three off duty police officers.  Lt. Andrews is a credit to the Chicago Police Department.  Superintendent Fancy Pants is a disgrace and a failure. Just like Mayor Malaprop, who hired him. 

Lt. Andrews brought the disinfectectant of sunshine to major problems the Chicago Police Department is facing and the lack of initiative to correct them. Superintendent Fancy Pants has hidden the problems under the rock where he resides.  Through this retaliation, Fancy Pants is bringing disgrace and discredit to the Department and the City of Chicago.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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