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Illinois is in desperate need of good leadership, and playing gotcha over minor issues won’t get us there.
For those who don’t understand that, maybe someone should send them an e-mail.
The Sun Times is right.  Too bad they are claiming Governor Pat Quinn is a leader.  Far from it.  Quinn is not even a follower.  He is not even in line. 

Pat Quinn has demonstrated he is inept and incompetent.  The state is rudderless.  The ship is sinking.  Quinn and his Democratic Party have demonstrated they cannot lead.  They are not stewards of the public trust.

If firing an Inspector General on the same day he briefs the governor over ethical lapses is gotcha politics, then Illinois GOP Chairman Pat Brady was right; Quinn is an extension of Blagojevich.  Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady is correct when he posits the resignation of Jerry Stermer, Quinn’s Chief of Staff, raises myriad questions.

 Quinn took a minor kerfuffle and turned it into a major scandal.  He shot the messenger by firing  Inspector General James A. Wright for investigating Stermer and making a disciplinary recommendation.  Quinn, the Democrats, and the oh so Progressive Sun Times just do not get it. 

By firing Wright when he did, Quinn created a controversy and a scandal.  Instead of just suspending Stermer and waiting a few days to replace Wright, Quinn decided to retaliate immediately.  That Wright was on his way out, his replacement already chosen, is now irrelevant.  Quinn’s attempt to cover up a minor ethical lapse- one which Stermer, to his credit, turned himself in for- has blown up into a political scandal and coverup.  Wright is now a martyred whistleblower.  Stermer, who probably made an innocent mistake and reported it, is gone and looks like a fool.  Quinn looks like the corrupt irresponsible dunce he really is.

This is the Domino Theory of ding bat politics.

But, the progressive Sun times is in the tank for Quinn, a true Chicago Machine hack.  They give him the benefit of the doubt on everything.  They continue to make excuses for his feckless and reckless behavior.  This is nothing new, as the Times has continued to back incompetent, corrupt Democrats.  They are Progressive, you know.  They love the Machine and the Combine.

Illinois is in desperate need of good leadership.  Illinois is in desperate need of leadership, period.  Since the Sun Times does not understand that, maybe we should email them:


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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