The same old same old

The Chicago Tribune is reporting the Stroger administration lost 2.7 million dollars in job training funds from the state and federal governments.  Since one in ten people in the county are unemployed, this is a serious lapse.  The reason for the loss- the usual.  The county failed to spend the money, and, waste, fraud, corruption, and mismanagement on an egregious level.

Millions more could be lost.  A state audit is under way and it does not look good.   

Citing the “severity” of problems, a state economic development agency is moving to hire an executive to oversee the beleaguered program until Stroger’s term ends in early December.

 Among an audit’s 68 findings were questions about whether youths who were paid more than $1 million were even qualified to be in the program, why $31,000 in pension payments were made for temporary summer youth workers and why a payroll company was given $12,000 to administer wage payments of $38,000 for one pay period.

Those are just the tip of the ice berg.  This program is a disgrace.  Thousands of people have been denied employment training over the years because of the mismanagement of this program.  Worse, prosecutors allege almost 2 million dollars was stolen from the program.  Some employees have plead guilty and others are awaiting trial.

When is enough enough?  How much longer do we have to be embarrassed by this venally corrupt and inept county administration?  How much longer must we tolerate the irresponsible Democratic Machine stranglehold on our local government?  Is it any wonder why the county and now the city is going broke?  It is time to dismantle the corrupt Democratic Machine.  They are bleeding us dry.

This is the same old same old.  It is insanity.  Doing the same thing over and over again, in our case for generations, expecting different results.  It is time to stop the madness.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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