Dick Durbin sheds phony tears

Dick Durbin once again reappeared.  For those who do not know who he is, Durbin is one of two senators from Illinois.  You rarely see him or hear from him.  Except, of course, when there is money to be raised, his election to be won, or when he is debasing and dehumanizing some imagined political enemy.  Some times he issues a press release about a tax paid safari to Africa- to study things having no relation to Illinois.

With phony crocodile tears welling up in his eyes, he begged the Director of the FBI to do more about stopping the violence on the streets of Chicago.  He begged him to stop illegal guns.  Where has Dick Durbin been all these years?  Dick Durbin is part of the problem- one of the reasons the violence has escalated out of control.  The Chicago Police have been rendered helpless.  The FBI can only do so much.  They are an investigative agency, not a police agency.  Investigations take time, sometimes years.

Dick Durbin, like his beloved Democratic Party, hates police officers.  He and his party are responsible for passing laws that literally handcuff the police, keeping them from doing their jobs.  He and his party are responsible for enabling and molly coddling gangs and drug dealers.  They are the pro-criminal party.  Dick Durbin recently advocated for reducing the sentencing guidelines for drug dealers.  Who put up the campaign cash for that?  Dick Durbin takes campaign money from so called social justice lawyers who make millions suing police and municipalities- and demanding federal indictments of police officers,  Dick Durbin is the best friend street gangs, drug dealers, and criminals ever had; along with his moll, Congresswoman Maxine Waters.  Durbin also voted to approve Eric Holder as the United States Attorney General.  Holder is another anti-law enforcement activist and enabler of criminals.

The Democratic Party has done everything to enable urban crime in America.  Instead of passing tougher laws against these organized criminals, they have passed tougher laws against law enforcement.  Police officers are afraid of being sued or indicted by their own government for just doing their jobs.  Thanks to people like Durbin and Holder, it is easier to put a police officer in prison for perceived civil rights violations than it is to put a gang leader in prison for real crimes.  With friends like Dick Durbin in the Senate, law enforcement does not need any more enemies. 

There is only one way to stop the violence.  Dismantle the gangs and drug cartels in Chicago.  Go after them with a vengeance and a passion unrivaled since the days of Capone or Accardo.  Treat these enterprises like organized crime was treated.  Make them fear arrest, like our police officers do.  Make them fear walking the streets.  Make them fear, period.  Make them pay dearly.  Of course that will not happen.  Unlike traditional organized crime, the gangs and drug dealers are mostly minorities.  Can’t have those phony charges of racism can we?  Can’t have neighborhoods and communities besmirched.  The people and developers would not like that.  We also can’t have dead gangbangers and drug dealers in the streets.  It is OK to kill police officers or chlidren.  Just do not kill a gangbanger or drug dealer.

These gangs and drug dealers are now the size of armies.  They are urban terrorists.  They are self made weapons of mass human destruction.  They have been allowed to breed like vermin and have become a pestilence in our city.  It will take tough measures and tough people to exterminate them.  It has gotten to the point that open warfare may be the only answer.  That is how big the problem is.  All thanks to those kind, caring, fuzzy brained, bleeding heart progressives, like Dick Durbin.

Save your alligator tears Senator.  You should get your money back from the acting classes you took.  There is no Academy Award in your future.  If you want to see the cause of violence in our city, look in the mirror.



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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