Cribbing from Dean. Adding the truth.

For some time now, various “reporters” and on-air personalities- bobble heads- in the media have failed to report the full story or relevant facts; instead indulging in race baiting in order to exploit people’s fears and crank up the fringe of their audience- the progressive base of the Democratic party.  Instead of investigating, garnering facts, and practicing actual journalism, they practice editorial reportage. They even have a well financed attack machine, called Media Matters, whose sole purpose is to bash Republicans, while praising Democrats.  Of course they claim to hold the media responsible.  What a crock.  Media matters is funded by Democrats.  All that “matters” is their negative propaganda.

None of this is new. I don’t believe all or even most of the Democratic party members are racist, but there is a persistent and consistent willingness in the Democratic party to use race baiting for electoral advantage. The fact is, this is racist behavior.  There is also a history of racism in the Democratic party going  back to its inception. 

In their feeble attempts at racial tolerance- a racist concept- they refuse the true humanitarian concept of acceptance.  They merely tolerate people, like one does with an annoying child or pet.  We accept people for what they are- people.  They turn people into victims, which is racist- to be kind, benevolent racism.  We treat people as responsible citizens.  It is a difficult chore, seeing as the the Democratic mantra for years has been keeping people on the government dole- practicing the kindly racist politics of poverty.

Now if the Tea Party, which is a conservative coalition(s) of activists have the decency to repudiate the racist fringe in their group, why can’t the Democrats? Obviously they think this approach works on the margins, but even if this stuff works, it sure doesn’t produce good leaders or a civil society, and it certainly doesn’t produce a stronger America, it produces an even more polarized and angry America. It’s that willingness to put party ahead of country that has the Democrats in such low regard.  It is the extreme willingness to put party ahead of the will of the people that has directed so much hatred against the Democrats.

There is a lesson to be learned.. Stand up for what you believe in.   After the year and a half this country has just been through, it is pretty obvious that the Democratic left wing has no intention of cooperating with anyone; that they will do anything to retain power.  Democrats are willing to do anything to bitterly cling  to it.  They do what they want- period. The only reasonable approach is to stand up to them as you would any group of bullies. Call them out for what they do- or don’t do as the case may be. If the Tea Party can call out some of their own members, surely we can call out a group of people who have put their party ahead of their country.

The biggest problem with the Republicans is that we are not tough enough.  We are not rough enough.  It is time to stand up, stand out, and fight. Now is the time to be tough. We have to stand up for what we believe in and stop trying to make deals with people who cannot be trusted to make deals for the good of our country or obey the will of the people.  There is nothing wrong with being the party of NO- if NO is good for the country and is what the people want to here.  Sometimes NO is the only choice.   Being tough means standing up for your convictions.  Being clear, concise, and persistent.  It means telling the truth and exposing the lies- even calling the Democrats liars.  In a fight, their is no etiquette.

It’s not too late to win in 2010. Conviction politics works. Just ask the Left wing!

I am a firm believer in doing unto others what they do to you.  This is a blatant plagiarized, cribbed, and  paraphrased rewrite of a Howard Dean post on Huffpo.  Two can play the game.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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