How considerate

Unite Here, a hotel workers union, protested in front of the Hyatt Regency Hotel yesterday.  They intended to stage pre-planned, civil disobedience and have pre-arranged arrests.  Worker protesters showed up fully intending and prepared to be arrested.  According to a union spoksesperson, they would limit the number of people arrested so officers could attend the wake of slain a Police Officer.  How considerate of them.  Their phony sympathy is so heartwarming.  Were they choreographing and orchestrating the arrests too?

If unions and activists want to arrange, prepare, and stage arrests as a publicity stunt and tactic, they should pay the costs.  They should reimburse the city for the costs of the arrests.  They should pay for wasting resources.  They should take a hit in the wallet.  These are staged phony and sometimes even pre-planned events.  They are merely stunts for video and photo ops.  Their consideration for the feelings of police officers is as phony as their fraudulent actions.

Police officers are pulled from important patrol duties to monitor these events and provide crowd control.  Making them stage extras for arranged disobedience negatively impacts the public safety of our citizens.  If Unite Here wants to use the Police Department as a publicity tool, they should reimburse the city for the service.  They are being arrested because they want to be arrested, because it looks good on camera, and because it serves their cause. Not because they are really disobeying lawful commands and orders.  Not because they are really blocking streets and sidewalks.  It is purposeful and its only reason is publicity.  It is a sham and a fraud.  It is show business.

The public should be appalled at this waste of city services.  The Police Department is short of manpower as it is.  Now it is being wasted- and public safety is being threatened- to make a commercial for Unite Here- or any other group who practices this tactic.  The public should be angered at this waste of city services for publicity.  The public should be protesting the union and the activists.

News at Nine and YouTube get nice video of protesters being led away by police.  The message gets out.  Activists get enraged.  Yet, it is all a charade.  A set play.  One act.  Directed, arranged, and  prepared by groups who love to waste taxpayer resources for their own fraudulent ends.  Do they now have a protected Constitutional right to get arrested, get on TV, the front pages, and go viral on the internet?  Is there a First Amendment right or provision to false arrest for publicity? 

This is not about workers, labor issues, or economic justice- whatever that is- it is about shameless publicity; getting their mugs on camera.  It is all about making a commercial.  It is purposeful a waste of tax dollars.  Money we cannot afford.  Manpower we cannot afford.  The impact on our safety we cannot afford.

Years ago, activists routinely accused police of false arrest during their protests.  Now, they reversed themselves.  They are purposely being arrested for false civil disobedience.  This activity should be banned.  No more planned arrests, no more false disobedience.  Or, they should pay the price- reimburse the city for their commercial use of city services.   

Maybe it is time for the media to stop covering fraudulent events.  Stopping being used as the vehicle for publicity stunts.  Stop giving these groups what they want- free publicity.     


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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