Recent polls show there is a total disconnect between the Washington elites- our government- and the American people- our real government.  Washington is inhabited by over educated under achieving people who firmly believe they are always right.  The real America is populated by self reliant, self determined achievers who are continually proving them wrong.   

The elites in Washington firmly believe the country is on the right track.  Soon the sun will shine again.  All will be well in the nation.  The people are worrying about the jobs they currently have, the unemployed cannot find work, businesses are not hiring or expanding, and there are no new manufacturers building plants.  There is a dark cloud hanging over the nation and it is not carbon emissions.  The time of eternal night is upon us.

The elites in Washington- the White House, legislature, regulatory agency honchos, and lobbyists, all sing the praises of a their hard work.  They have ignored the law of unintended consequences.  In the case of this administration and legislature, these are intended consequences.

They do not believe in America’s prominence or its economic dominance.  They apologize for it and blame our problems on it.  They do not believe in the American Free Enterprise system, the best economic system in the world- well it used to be.  The miracle that was America will one day be a footnote in history.

Government’s responsibility is to provide an infrastructure and some basic rules and parameters to enable the American Free Enterprise system to operate in a burgeoning and healthy manner.  Instead,  government has done the opposite.  It has set up a system of laws and regulations virtually impossible to follow and adhere to.  It has established a system of micro-managed enforcement draconian in nature. 

Business spends more time on government interference and futile attempts at compliance instead of making profits.  Profits which pay salaries and allows them to hire more people to make more goods to sell to more people.  Add the severe imbalance between management and the dominant government protected labor movement and disaster has finally been courted.

Government is just not listening to America. The people want jobs.  They want to start their own businesses.  They want factories and industry to grow.  People want business to flourish so they can rise up the economic ladder.  They do not want to wallow in economic stagnation.  The elitists want more unemployment benefits to enslave an already enslaved population.  We have gone from a failed war on poor people to a successful new war on the middle class.  This is the goal.  The enslavement and destruction of a rising and dominant middle class.

The legislature is astounded, shocked, and bewildered by their extremely low approval ratings.  The White House is angry about their low approval ratings.  How dare the American people be so ungrateful!  These disapproval ratings are telling them something.  They are not, or worse, they refuse to listen.  They are elitists.  They know better.

The Democratic Party has turned into an old party from the mid 1800s.  They just refuse to change their name.  They cannot come up with a sophisticated, chic, cutting edge name for an old historic party- The Know Nothings.  Though the Know Nothings had a totally different agenda, the name was apt.  They, like our administration and dominant party, know nothing.

There is too much education and not enough common sense in Washington.  The smartest guys in the room are turning into abject failures.  The people who put them there are suffering.  The elitists are blind and deaf.  But they sure do talk pretty. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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