When is enough enough?

Thomas Worthham IV, Thor Soderberg, Michael Bailey. 

Three men.  Three Chicago Police Officers.  Three good people who took the concept of serving their communities beyond their eight hour tour of duty.  Three men who were brutally murdered in cold blood.  In the street, while off duty. 

How does it feel Chicago?  How does it make you feel that your streets and neighborhoods are not even safe enough for police officers?  How does it make you feel to know your criminals are so brazen?  How does it feel to know your mayor and your aldermen do not care?  Oh, they all spout their political platitudes, but really, they do not care.  They enable the gangs, the drug dealers, other criminals and the resulting violence.

How does it feel Chicago?  The political preachers will have their say.  They will speak and act with gravitas.  In the mean time they too will continue to enable the gangs, the drug dealers, other criminals and the violence.  They get paid by them.  Yes, dear citizens, they get paid by criminals.  Things have not changed much since the days of Capone.  If you can’t silence them, buy them.

Soon the community groups, activists, and organizers will weigh in.  Of course they will ask for more money to enable crime.  They get paid by them.  They support the gangs.  They even defend the gangs.  They are floating the idea it is not illegal to belong to a gang.  Worse, they are rewriting history.  Claiming the gangs started as community groups.  What next, a gangbanger for president?  They spout academic ologies and isms to excuse crime, gangs, and dope sales.  The preachers and these so called community groups are nothing more than associates of Organized Crime. 

Three men who dedicated their lives to service were murdered in cold blood.  Two in front of their own homes.  The other across the street from a police facility.  How does it make you feel Chicago?  When is it going to stop?  Or, in a few days, after the funeral, will you just move on?  “Hey, there’s another festival to go to.  Gimme one of them turkey legs!”

All the politicians, preachers, activists, and organizers will talk about guns, drugs, poverty, and other lies to excuse the gangs, drug dealers, and violence.  The media will eat it up.  Case closed.  Move on.   We have important work to do.  “Hey, trees, that’s the solution, more trees.  Let’s plant more flowers and put in more planters.  Hey, those blue garbage cans will do the trick!”

How does it feel Chicago?  How does it make you feel?  How do you like being lied to by your mayor, your aldermen, the media, academia, so called preachers, community groups, activists, and organizers?  Do the lies make you feel any better?  Will your conscience be salved? Do you swallow the lies about poverty, public housing relocation, racism, profiling, or other such nonsense like a fine aged wine?

You, good citizens, are being shamelessly lied to.  Big, bold, comprehensive, bald faced lies.  These lies have been told to you for the over twenty years.  By your mayor.  By your alderman.  Everyone who can get their mug in front of a camera.  You see, good citizens, the reason the gangs, the drug dealers and other criminals is racial/ethnic politics.

Your politicians and the media do not want the racial and ethnic groups rising up in angry phony indignation over perceived slights on their good name.  It is political correctness run amok.  Can’t have criminal members of certain groups harassed by the police can we?  It’s that sensitivity thing.  Communities and real estate developers also do not want their newly gentrified areas slighted.  Too much money will be lost.  Property values will drop. The politicians’ pals will not make their profits.

The politicians, especially this mayor, will preach the mantra of guns, gangs, and drugs.  But they will do nothing about them, except pass useless laws that will not be enforced.  They will ban this or that.  Their willing accomplices- the media, preachers, and activists- will applaud.  Until the next time.

The time is now, Chicago.  It is time to tell this mayor, his flunkies in the city council, the political preachers, and the activists enough is enough!  It is time to tell them you want rough tough cops roaming the streets to keep you safe.  It is time to tell them you want the jail cells and prison cells overloaded.  It is time to tell the soppy brained elected judges you want convictions and jail time.  It is time to tell the world you want the gangs dismantled, the drug dealers out of our city, and their enablers gone with them. 

It is time to tell the media to plaster the front pages, TV and computer screens with the faces of crime- the gang leaders- drug dealers, and murderers.  Day after day.  It is time to revert and put in place the same covert and overt activities which hampered organized crime- legal harassment-  by the police, the Feds, and the media.  It is time for the cowardly preachers to protest in front of the homes of the gang leaders and drug dealers.  It is time for the media to stop being so sensitive and politically correct.  Hey, maybe they can even fire some of the enabling columnists and TV talking heads as a lesson to others.

It is also time to demand priorities.  We need more police.  We do not need more trees and flower planters.  We do not need more wrought iron fences.  We do not need more pretty blue garbage cans.  We do not need more costly cosmetics.  We do not need more bread and circuses.  We need action.  Hard hitting, tough action.  We need more police officers.  Period.

We need a police superintendent who is an actual Chicago Police Officer, not some fancy pants poseur.  We need to stop playing racial and ethnic politics in the Police Department.  Put hard hitting Commanders in districts where the violence is- who cares what sex, color or nationality they are.  Results count, not pretty faces.  It is also time to support our police.  Back them up.  Back their detractors down.  It is time to send a strong message.  If we cannot get rid of the gangs and drug dealers, we can get rid of the politicians who enable them.  We can get rid of the political preachers and community organizers too.  Ride them out of town!

So, how do you feel Chicago?  How does it make you feel?  How does it feel to be the victims of big, bold lies?  How does it make you feel that three innocent police officers were gunned down in cold blood because your elected officials do not care?  How does it make you feel to live in the most thoroughly corrupt city in America?  Chicago, murder capital of the world!

This mayor, his city council, the political preachers, and the rest just do not care.  They have too much invested in protecting criminals, their rights, and the communities they prey upon.  Good citizens, you are being governed by cowards, lied to by the media, and you are paying a terrible price.    

How does it make you feel?


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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