Historic delusion

The Obama administration loves to use grand verbiage to describe its initiatives and policies.  Big.  Bold.  Comprehensive.  Historic.  The first three are the truth.  Obama and his acolytes have rammed big, bold, comprehensive programs and initiatives down our collective throats.  Whether we wanted them or not.  Whether we needed them or not.  Whether they will destroy or benefit the economic future of the country or not.   

What care they for what the people want.  What care they for our needs.  What care they for the country.  It is all about big, bold, and comprehensive.  The voters be damned.  Who cares if there is no benefit?  Hey, do you think they won to benefit the country?  They are big, bold comprehensive people.  That is all that counts. 

Their shameless dishonesty is the the use of the word historic in describing this historic President’s  policies.

Historic- 1.) Having importance in or influence on history.  2.) Famous or likely to become famous in history; significant.

Look at the “historic” Health Care reform bill.  It is historic and significant because of what it does not do- reform health care.  It does not even reform health insurance.  It is a three thousand page bill that basically does nothing; except create confusion, anger, and loathing in the American public, the insurance industry, and the health care field.  It also creates vast power in regulatory agencies.  They get to define what Congress meant, did not mean, or left out.  Three thousand pages of nothing makes this bill historic.  It is historic and significant in what it does do- create big, bold, and comprehensive costs and taxes on the citizenry.

Next, President Obama is set to sign his historic Wall Street Reform bill.  Another couple of thousand pages- long on structure and short on substance.  Another bill that could further erode our already toxic business climate for generations to come.  It is historic and significant because it will insure the demise of the American Free Enterprise System.  A hisortic plank of Obama’s big, bold, comprehensive agenda.

What is historic?  Like the Seinfeld show, President Obama’s historic presidency will be significant for being a little administration about nothing.  What will be big, bold, and comprehensive is the historic damage he will leave behind in his wake.
Soon the President will sign his historic HIV bill.  A bill granting millions of dollars to research a disease that has been researched to death for roughly thirty years. No one, even the professional pundits can determine what is historic or significant about this bill.  But, if Obama says it is historic, than by gum, it is.


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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