Joe The Lobster Speaks

“We need to elect more Democrats,” said Joe Berrios, Democratic candidate for Cook County assessor, who claimed that President Barack Obama’s 2012 re-election prospects in Illinois are now “in jeopardy” because the independent assessor’s candidacy of Forrest Claypool “will elect Republicans (Bill) Brady and (Mark) Kirk, and make Illinois more Republican.”

How many more Democrats does he think he needs to elect?  His party holds majorities in the State, County, Federal, and City levels of government.  The only candidate in jeopardy because of Claypool is the Joe Berrios.  Not only his candidacy, but his Chairmanship.  The Machine does not look kindly on Chairman who cannot win major elections, like governor or U.S. Senator.

Joe Berrios has been spending too much time in the lobster tank.  Reaching his greedy claws out to snatch all the lobbying cash he can get.  There is a definite lack of oxygen going to his brain.  Before Claypool threw his hat in the ring, Republican Gubernatorial candidate Bill Brady had a solid lead over appointed Governor Pat Quinn.  That lead keeps rising.  Mark Kirk will beat Alexi, The Mob Banker, Giannoulias.  Other Republican candidates are poised for wins too.

People will not vote Republican because of Forrest Claypool.  They will vote for Bill Brady because even hard core Democratic voters realize Pat Quinn is incompetent, inept, and irresponsible.  Also, like his predecessor, Pat Quinn does not play well with others, especially in his own corrupt party.  People will be voting against the Democratic Party.  Citizens are disgusted with the graft, corruption, waste, mismanagement, and fraud.  They are also scared.  The Democrats are leading us down the road to total insolvency.

President Obama’s reelection has nothing to do with who wins Illinois in November.  Presidential elections are won and lost by the President.  So far, Obama is doing a good job trying not to get reelected.  Berrios is lamenting the pandemic of throw the bums out syndrome spreading fast through out Illinois and Cook County.  Voters are angry.  Voters want good, open, honest, ethical, and fiscally responsible government.  They are finally ready for reform.  

Berrios, the Chairman of the the Crook County Democrats, is blind and deaf to the cries of reform.  There is a grassroots groundswell of voters who want state, county, and city government cleaned up.  The Democrats only have corrupt machine candidates running in all races. How many more thieves do we need in office?

Berrios may have another blind side.  He is the Chairman of the corrupt Democratic Machine.  Like most crime bosses, Joe The Lobster does not believe he can be deposed.  He does not believe he can lose.  If Republicans sweep in November he is in trouble. Big trouble with a capital T.  He will be out.  But, he will still have his lobster tank to swim around in.



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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