“How’s the suit?” asked former Illinois Gov. Dead Meat at the federal building Tuesday, our self-described man of the people inviting compliments about his expensive clothes.

Then, as he walked into the courtroom, Rod Blagojevich asked spectators, “How’s my tie?”

It’s obvious that in the fertile mind of Dead Meat, the clothes always make the man.”

Is Rod Blagojevich really serious?  Is his clowning around, tossing off one liners some kind of defense mechanism?  Or is he just a typical Democratic buffoon?  After testimony last week about his extravagant taste in clothing and the mid-six figures he spent, one would think Blagojevich would show a little humility.  One would think wrong.

Maybe we expect of him something he was not born to be- humble.  Hubris brought him down.  As the Good Book says, “pride goeth before the fall“.  Hubris and ego are not the worst of his problems.  He has another big problem.  To paraphrase the song, heeee ain’t got no-bo-ahhh-dy

Blago’s campaign fund was called “Friends of Blagojevich”.  It seems the only friends he had left are testifying against him.  Rats who left Blago’s destined sinking ship.  Stop and think.  No one, not one person or group, started a Friends of Blagojevich Legal Defense Fund.  No law firm is putting up a deca-million dollar pro bono defense.  No one is raising money for the Blagojevich Children’s College Fund, in case he goes away.  No one.

The hard truth is Blagojevich, for all his back slapping ways, has no friends.  He is a man who stands alone.  Blagojevich never made any real friends.  Rod’s whole life story can be summed up in one sentence- “What’s in it for me?”  He never did anything for anyone unless there was some quid pro quo.  Now he is facing the most trying time in his life.  There is no one there for him.

Blago solely practiced only one of cold hard truths of politics- its a business.  But he refused to practice another cold hard truth.  Politics is about relationships.  Blago never made any.  He did not play well with others.  He did not make friends and influence people. 

Every election, except his second gubernatorial term, were won by his father in law, a Chicago Alederman and Machine hack.  Rod lived a charmed political life.  All he had to do was throw his hat in the ring and everyone else made it happen.  Blago never really ran for election.  He was put into office by the Machine.    Once elected governor, hubris took over.  He double crossed everyone who put him there, including his father in law and the Chicago Machine.  Did he really believe he became governor because the people loved him?

He only became governor because, like him, George Ryan was facing federal indictments and because the Chicago Machine put him in.  Unlike Blagojevich, George Ryan knew the power of friendship and relationships.  During his trials and tribulations friends came out to support him.  Even today, while in prison, Ryan’s long list of friends care and support him and his family.  He was not deserted.  By the way, those friends of Ryan are in both political parties.  George Ryan made few, if any enemies during his political life.  If you remember, when Ryans troubles started to bubble, there were no calls for impeachment.  No one, from either party, called for his removal from office.

Ryan knew the power of relationships,and, that quid pro quo is a two way street.  Rod Blagojevich kept looking in his mirror saying the same thing- “you are my best and only friend.  Its you and me against the world.”  All the while admiring his fancy duds.

Source- John Kass Chicago Tribune



About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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