She was for it before she was against it

Toni Preckwinkle, candidate for President of the Cook County Board, promised to repeal and roll back the sales tax hike imposed by current President, Todd Stroger.  On the day part of the tax is being rolled back, she is backing off.  Even with the roll back, Chicago still has the highest sales tax in the nation. 

Promises made, promises broken.  Typical Democratic prevarication.  The reasons- the real reasons- the sales tax was raised are waste, fraud, patronage, corruption, and egregious mismanagement.  It was never about the county health care system.  That was a big, bold, blatant lie.  A bright and shining lie. 

Todd Stroger, like his father before him, is a profligate spender of tax payer money.  He has his own friends and family plan for hiring administrators and bureaucrats.  He has flouted the rules and laws governing contract bidding.  Stroger has found every single way to spend money that does not benefit the citizens of Cook County; only his inner circle and patronage army.  He has his own pay to play plan for vendors and contractors.  Todd Stroger is not alone.  All the Democratic Commissioners are heavy spenders.  They also have their own friends and family and pay to play plans.

Preckwinle, by demurring from further lowering the sales tax, is just enabling the current system.  There is plenty- hundreds of millions of dollars- of waste, corruption, fraud, and mismanagement in county government.  It is not even hard to find- it is out in the open for all to see. 

Preckwinkle woke up one day with a stark realization.  An epiphany.  All those clout jobs would be hers if she wins.  They would have to support her and contribute to her.  Add to that all the jobs held by members of other Democrats and you have every reason not to reform county government.  She could not get elected or reeelected.  She needs that patronage army.  Add all the juicy contracts into the mix- the ones where vendors and contractors pay those hefty campaign contributions- and you have every reason to further punish the county tax payers.  By the way, she is a Democratic Chicago Alderman.  One of the predatory gray wolves and jackals who inhabit City Hall.

Some say lowering the tax will create a 200 million dollar hole in the budget.  Just cut 200 million dollars out of the budget and its a wash.  Democrats never think that way.  They just come up with excuses like the bad economy contributing to lower revenues.  Instead of looking for items to cut out of the budget and creating spending efficiencies, the Democrats just tool along wasting our money on non-essential services, non-essential employees and non-essential budget items. Add to that non- essential departments. 

Preckwinkle is just another political hack.  A Machine politician in the old mold.  It is time- not for change- but a real alternative to the current system.  It is time to put honest, effective, and efficient people in government.  It is time to end the cycle of patronage, fraud, waste, mismanagement, and corruption.  It is time to throw the Democrats out.  All of them. 

Make no mistake.  If Democrats get elected to state and county positions in November, the citizens will be in for the largest across the board tax increases in history. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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