The politics of prestidigitation

Finally.  Well, maybe.  Chicago’s South Side may get a Wal-Mart.  Better, Chicago may get many Wal-Marts creating 12,000 jobs and competition to higher priced stores.  It has taken years of corrupt struggle.  The unions have been negotiating and fighting for employees who do not exist.  They have paid campaign bribes in the millions of dollars to the Chicago Aldermen to force Wal-Mart to make concessions.  Wal-Mart stood fast.  When organized crime took money from unions it was called extortion.  When the Democratic controlled Chicago City Council takes union money it is called public service.

Rod Blagojevich is sitting in a court room accused of practicing pay to play politics.  His real crime was doing it behind closed doors.  The Chicago city Council is open and notorious in their actions.  Fully transparent.  For all to see.  They do it with great pride.

The Democratic controlled City Council is powered by pure greed, hypocrisy, and jingoistic prestidigitation.  They totally exploit any invitation to villainy.  They are nothing but a pack of sophisticated gray wolves wearing expensive custom tailored sheep’s clothing.

The history of the Democratic machine in Chicago is written around institutional greed over principle, public service, and compassion.  These boodlers are given carte blanche by the media, the Chambers of Commerce, and even the government to loot, pillage, and extort.  These political criminals are more dangerous than their underworld counterparts for their effects on the lives of the citizens in this city.  They make real criminals look like a bunch of amateurs.  In their quest for wealth and power, people must suffer the indignity of poverty and want.

The only difference between the Democratic City Council and organized crime is their ruthless unscrupulous sophistication and finesse.  If you steal food, you are a thief.  If you steal millions you are an embezzler.  If you take campaign bribes to affect legislation you are a public spirited politician.  The arrogance of the Aldermen has no bounds.  They owe the public nothing.  The law?  What law?  What do the Democrats care for the law?  Don’t they have the power?

The Democratic Party controlled Chicago City Council is the most lucrative quasi-criminal racket in the city.  They are a symbol of predatory control over the citizenry and the city at large.  They are an immoral and unethical cartel of pure power, privilege, and corruption.  This upper world gangster elite uses its clout for personal benefit and power.  There is something sacred about Chicago Democrats.  If it is  unethical, indecent, or dishonest, it is morally right. 

Chicago Democratic politics is a zero sum game, intentionally designed so the Aldermen end up with the sum and the citizens get zero.  It has been this way since the notorious vice lord, Michael Cassius McDonald, created McDonanlds Democrats in the 1870s- the forerunner to the current establishment- to protect his gambling and prostitution interests. As long as they hold power, it will always be this way.  Instead of protecting prostitutes, they have become prostitutes.

The Chicago City council manufactures nothing but the smoke and mirrors of false promises at the expense of the unwary and most vulnerable.  They are parasitic by nature.  They are predatory and rat-hearted.  The meek, the weak, and the innocent are their victims; the citizens- especially the impoverished- of Chicago.

Their conduct is reprehensible in the extreme.  It demonstrates a callous and conscious disregard for public service to maximize campaign war chests, accrue more power, and create personal wealth.  According to the Chicago Tribune, this corrupt system costs the tax payers 500 million dollars a year in fraud, waste, mismanagement, and corruption.  The Chicago City Council- and its Democratic Party- is the best organized crime group in the nation.  They have no rivals.  To them corruption is as American as baseball, hot dogs, and apple pie.  Graft and corruption play a vital role in operating this city.  The crimes of this shadowy party pale in comparison to the crimes of the underworld.

It is time for the media, the businessmen and civic clubs, the Chamber of Commerce, the government, and the citizens to stop mollycoddling these criminals and hold them accountable.  They should direct all their resources to destroy this enemy within.

The Democratically controlled City Council is a deplorable evil.  It is a shame it is not considered so by the media, the commercial interests, and the citizenry.  The Chicago Democratic Machine is the most venal, ruthless political organization in existence.  It operates as smoothly and efficiently as a Swiss Watch.

They sit in their Council chambers and party offices, bloated with pride, and reveling in the fact that Chicago is the most thoroughly corrupt city in America. 


About Peter V. Bella

Peter V. Bella is a passionate cook and photographer. Mr. Bella started cooking as a child with his parents. He has taken professional courses through the years. Mr. Bella a a freelance photojournalist and writer based in Chicago.
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