President Obama invited President for Life, Bill Clinton to the White House for a press conference. Clinton was supposed to help Obama by endorsing the tax deal he hammered out with the GOP. Obama introduced Clinton.  Then he left- Michelle was waiting long enough- to attend a holiday party.

Clinton took control. For one half hour. Bad form. Bad leadership. Poor messaging. It was a sad day for America. The President of the United States demonstrated he is not a leader, he has no message, and he is no match for Bill Clinton.

Clinton was right at home in the White House press romm, as if he never left.   As if he is still the president.  As if he belonged.

For one half hour Bill Clinton acted like the President of the United States. While the elected president went to a party like a college kid.

Bill Clinton made Obama look small and insignificant.   Actually, Obama allowed Clinton make him look small and insignificant. In public. Before the media. For the whole world to see.

It is a sad day when a former president totally overshadows the the real one. It is a sad day when the real president leaves someone else in charge.

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Welcome to Crook County

Joe Berrios ala Todd Stroger hired his son and his sister to work for him at the Assessor’s office.

“I trust them,’’ he said. “It is what it is.’’

Berrios is nothing more than a corrupt friends and family politician.  He is as corrupt, if not more corrupt than Todd Stroger.  People should stand up and demand he move or fire these two political hacks.

Berrios was criticized during the campaign for hiring his family of hacks.  His position now- “I still won the election… Everyone has a right to work for government…”

Government employment is public service.  Public service is a privilege, not a right.  Berrios just told the voters to kiss his…

Joe the Lobster does not care about running an honest government. He just cares about being a corrupt Democrat- doling out jobs to his family of ne’er do well hacks.

The real pity is people knew Joe the Lobster was a corrupt politician with a family of political hacks, gofers, and coat holders.  They elected him anyway.

When is enough enough?  Nothing changes in Cook County.  The corruption just goes on and on.  Crook county is an apt name.

Sources:  Chicago Tribune and Chicago Sun Times

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Free and Equal

Sun Times Columnist Mark Brown wrote an interesting article today regarding people who gather petition signatures.  He provides information and quotes from Christina Tobin.  Ms. Tobin operates the Chicago based company Free and Equal Inc.  The company’s purpose is to help candidates gain ballot access.  They charge a premium for their services.   Ms. Tobin also operates a sister non-profit foundation called Free and Equal, which advocates for ballot access and changes in election laws.

This is all fine and well.  She runs a lucrative business and advocates for a worthy cause. Unfortunately, her website also advocates for two notorious criminals.  There is a graphic on the website- “Defending the Victims of Two wars”.

Who are these victims?  One is Marc Emery.  Mr. Emery is a notorious dope dealer serving five years in federal prison.  He is a “victim” of the drug war.  The other “victim” is the notorious Bradley Manning, also known as Pfc. Bradley Manning. He leaked sensitive military information to Wikileaks.  Manning currently resides in a prison in Quantico, Va.  He is waiting to see what the military or the government is going to do to him.

It is one thing to run a for profit political advocacy company and a non-profit political advocacy foundation focused on ballot access.  It is quite another to advocate on behalf of criminals.  Especially treasonous criminals who endanger the lives of others.

Mr. Emery, a Canadian, violated U.S. drug laws.  He was caught, prosecuted, and sentenced.  His supporters are trying to get him moved to Canada to serve out his sentence.  This is not unusual, as the United States has a treaty with Canada for such a purpose.  But Mr. Emery was no ordinary dope dealer.  He ran a rather large operation while at the same time publicly advocating for overturning drug laws.  He was (in)famous.

Mr. Bradley is a traitor.

Bradley Manning is the worst of the two.  He violated his military oath and various military and U.S. laws.  For far too many he is being considered a collateral hero and is being hailed as a heroic whistle blower in the Wikileaks affair.  Bradley Manning did not just violate laws.  He knowingly and purposely violated a sacred trust.

Why should any group who openly supports these kinds of criminals have media credibility?  This should tarnish their credibility.

The media needs experts to verify stories or for quotes and soundbites.  One would think they would use reputable people.  Ms. Tobin is a concerned ballot activist who found a way to make money and advocate for her pet cause.  Unfortunately, she damages her reputation and credibility by advocating for criminals and traitors.

“The only limits we place on ideology are that we will not support initiatives, candidates or parties which support racism, sexism, or homophobia, or which advocate violence as a political solution.” (From the Free and Equal website.)

The drug trade and treason cause violence, death, and mayhem.  Advocating for crime and treason as political solutions is perfectly OK by Ms. Tobin.

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Rahm’s green dream

The city is going broke, it is scandal plagued, it is being ripped off by contractors and vendors, especially the minority and so called disadvantaged ones, there is no ethics in government, and the future does not look any better than today.  We are not better off and getting worse.

So, what does candidate Rahm Emanuel do to solve the major problems?  He unveils his Green program.  That’s right folks.  Green.  He wants us all to be greenie weenies at a cost to the city of 100 million dollars.  Forget all those scandals, the corruption, the deficit and budget holes.  Never mind taxes will be raised, or new ones created, over our objections.  Don’t worry if the garbage isn’t picked up, the snow isn’t plowed, or there is not a cop or fireman when you need one.  Just go Green.  That’s the ticket.  The solution.

This is typical Democratic Party playbook.  When there are severe crises, just divert people’s attention.  Just throw out some feel good stuff.  It is appealing.  People fall for it.  You look like a star.  But, the problems of waste, fraud, mismanagement, and corruption will go on.  Who cares?  Green is important right?  It is all the rave.  It is all equine excrement.

Rahm will not solve the city’s massive problems- the problems the Democratic Machine has created and let get out of control for decades.  He will just come up with touchy feely plans that cost more money and solve noting.  It is all window dressing.  To make him look good.  Instead of a campaign manager, he should hire a draper.

This is the Obama agenda in Chicago.  All flash.  No substance.  The country is going to hell in a hand basket and what is Obama doing?  Pushing Utopian fantasy programs.  Legislation and policies which do not solve the major problems plaguing us right now.  They just appease small minority blocs of voters.  Rahm is the same.  Rahm designed the fantasy agenda for Obama.  Now, he is bringing it to our burg.

We will still be the most corrupt city in America.  We will still be broke.  The people will still suffer with higher taxes and fees.  But, by golly, we will be Green.

One wonders what other Utopian altruistic nonsense he will come up with before election day.  Maybe replacing the horses in the Police Mounted unit and the carriage companies with unicorns?

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Remember Pearl Harbor and those who paid the price

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More scandal

What happens when a contractor or vendor gets caught defrauding the city of Chicago?  Especially if it is a minority contractor?  They keep their contract of course.

Arrow Lumber defrauded the city out of building supplies.  The supplies were diverted to a city worker, Kevin O’Gorman. for his personal use  The city worker was indicted, tried, and acquitted in court.  The owner of Arrow Lumber, Donald Beal was granted immunity from prosecution in return for his testimony.  The judge did not believe the testimony Mr.Beal.

“Mr. Beal did get on the stand, admitted to defrauding the city, but obviously blamed (O’Gorman),” Goebel wrote in his verdict. “I find parts of Mr. Beal’s testimony absolutely dishonest and unbelievable.” (Chicago Tribune)

The fraud was caught in 2007.  The trial wound up in January 2009.  For three years the city knew about the Arrow Lumber fraud, yet did not move against it until the Chicago Tribune filed a FOIA request.  Arrow also has contracts with the Chicago Park District and the Chicago Public Schools.

The city’s minority contract program has been a sham and a fraud from the time it was instituted.  It was never intended to benefit supposed disadvantaged people.  It was intended to benefit those connected to the administration and the aldermen.  Just like all the other contract programs.

It is time to scrap the whole thing.  The city is losing millions of our tax dollars to appease critics.  The program is merely politically palatable not effective policy.  Contracts should only go to the lowest bidder who can prove they can perform.  Period.  Only the merit and responsibility of the company should be considered- not its so called disadvantage.

The city has lost tens of millions of dollars through these programs.  In most cases the city is paying above retail for supplies because so many middle men are involved.  Instead of being concerned about appeasing people, the city should be concerned about fiscal responsibility.  These programs are nothing more than fiscal malpractice.

Sometimes good intentions do not make sound public policy.  The public his harmed by these window dressing programs when they are rife with fraud and corruption.  Mayor Daley has nothing to lose.  He is not running for reelection.  It is time he started undoing the harm, he has caused.

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Code of silence

For the past several holiday seasons an anonymous person has been strewing gold coins in various Salvation Army kettles.  It has become a Christmas tradition in Chicago.  It is always publicized.  This generous person has never come forward.  This year is no different.  Gold coins have been found in the kettles.  Some are Krugerrands.

Another anonymous person decided to match the value of up to one hundred gold coins.  This could be as much as $140 thousand dollars.  The anonymous people who decided to give so generously should be lauded.  First for their giving.  But mostly, for their anonymity.

They do not want publicity, a pat on the back, or any other recognition.  Who knows why and who cares?  The point is they give to help others less fortunate.

We live in a city where poverty is rising.  People who never thought they would be poor are staring poverty in the face.  Many are family members, friends, and neighbors.  It is good to know Salvation Army is there to help.  It is nice to know there are some people who care enough to give generously.

Cops and firemen witness the greatness of the Salvation Army.  They show up at fires and disasters.  They hand out coffee, water, donuts, and work gloves.  They help relocate people who have lost their homes, give them blankets in inclement weather until they can get to shelter, coral their children, and perform any other service they can.

Salvation Army is one of the very few worthwhile organizations whose activities are visible everyday.  Their help reaches across a broad spectrum.  So if you see one of those bell ringers, drop an anonymous buck or two in the kettle.  You will feel good.  You will do good.

No one has to know a thing.

It is practicing the code of silence.

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